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San Fernando Valley Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

A workers’ compensation claim could be what you need to satisfy your medical debts and lost wages after a serious workplace injury. Unfortunately, insurance companies and employers often do not want what is best for injured employees during claims. Instead, they wish to minimize payouts to profit their investors. Hiring the San Fernando Valley workers’ compensation attorneys from Rose, Klein & Marias LLP can help you fight for a fair outcome during settlement negotiations.

Our workers’ compensation lawyers have spent years navigating California’s insurance system and helping clients fight for positive results. Whether your accident involved a fall, falling object, motor vehicle accident, asbestos, chemical spill, or violent attack, we can help. We know how to position a workplace injury claim in the right light for the best possible monetary award. Discuss your future with our attorneys today. Request a free consultation in the San Fernando Valley.

Why Hire Rose, Klein & Marias LLP for Your Workers’ Comp Claim?

  • We care about what happens to California’s workers. Our attorneys are here for employees who are experiencing great pain, suffering and stress after occupational injuries or illnesses. We take a personal approach to every claim.
  • We obtain results through all means possible. We have achieved six- and seven-figure awards for past clients and over $5 billion collectively in our firm’s history. We can handle workers’ comp insurance claims as well as injury lawsuits.
  • We take workers’ compensation cases on a contingency fee basis. Our San Fernando Valley lawyers only charge fees for their services on cases they win. If we lose your case, you will not owe us a penny.

How Can a San Fernando Valley Workers’ Comp Lawyer Help?

Workers’ compensation claims can be difficult to navigate as an injured employee. Although California lawmakers set up the system with workers in mind, insurance companies do not always handle claims fairly. Insurance claims adjusters may try to convince injured workers to accept lowball settlement offers, or they may try to deny valid claims. Even without the burden of proving someone’s negligence for your injury, you may find it hard to achieve the results you believe you deserve. Skilled San Fernando Valley workers’ compensation attorneys can make an important difference.

Hiring a lawyer to represent you during a workers’ compensation claim can ensure no one takes advantage of you. Your attorney can negotiate for a higher settlement if your employer’s insurance company is not offering enough. Your lawyer could also help you file a personal injury lawsuit if the circumstances of your accident point to someone else’s negligence, such as a defective product manufacturer or violent criminal. An attorney will do everything possible to maximize your financial recovery while you focus on your physical one.

San Fernando Valley Workers' Compensation Lawyers

Types of Workers’ Comp Benefits

Workers’ compensation aims to reimburse employees for the financial losses they have and will continue to have due to job-related injuries or illnesses. It is a no-fault system that can yield financial awards temporarily or permanently. You may qualify for a workers’ compensation insurance settlement even if someone else did not cause your accident, or if you caused the accident. All employers in California must carry workers’ compensation insurance. If you do qualify for benefits, you could receive five types:

  1. Medical benefits. All hospital stays, surgeries, medical care, around-the-clock care, medical devices, prescriptions, x-rays and treatments you need for your work injury.
  2. Temporary disability benefits. Payments to make up about two-thirds of your lost wages if your injury prevents you from returning to work like usual while in recovery.
  3. Permanent disability benefits. Lost wage replacement for a set amount of time (potentially for life) if you do not recover completely from your injury.
  4. Job displacement benefits. A voucher to help you pay for education or retraining if you do not recover completely and cannot return to your previous job position.
  5. Death benefits. A compensatory award for surviving dependents if a loved one dies in a workplace accident, including the reasonable costs of a funeral and burial service.

Your workers’ compensation claim may involve medical treatment only, medical treatment with missed wages at work or medical treatment that permanently takes away your ability to perform gainful employment. It could also involve losses such as job termination or the wrongful death of your loved one. Speak to the San Fernando Valley workers’ compensation attorneys at Rose, Klein & Marias LLP to discuss the benefits you may be eligible to obtain during a workers’ compensation claim in the San Fernando Valley. A lawyer could help you negotiate a fair insurance settlement or take a negligence claim to court, if necessary.

Compensation Available for Workplace Accidents in California

A workers’ comp settlement might not be the only outlet for compensation available to you after a workplace injury or illness in California. If another party reasonably could have prevented your accident yet negligently failed to do so, that party may be liable for your damages. Bringing a lawsuit based on negligence and liability could end in greater compensation for your losses than an insurance settlement. Instead of the no-fault system, however, you or an attorney will need to prove the defendant’s accountability.

  1. The defendant owed you a duty of care.
  2. The defendant did not fulfill the standards of care for the situation.
  3. The defendant’s negligence is the reason your work accident occurred.
  4. You suffered real and compensable harm due to the defendant’s actions.

If your attorney can show evidence proving these four elements, a Los Angeles County court might award you compensation for losses such as past and future medical expenses, lost wages in their entirety, pain and suffering, property damages, and punitive damages. If a party other than your employer serves as the defendant, you could recover these damages on top of a workers’ compensation settlement check. You cannot, however, accept both a workers’ comp settlement and bring a claim against your employer.

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