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Identifying a dangerous work environment

Adobe Rose10.jpegWhile some occupations are more hazardous than others, all workers deserve to feel safe while on the job. Owners, managers and supervisors alike have a duty to keep workers protected from harm no matter the job. It is not uncommon, however, for a job environment to become dangerous due to numerous factors. Injured employees are wise to pursue a workers' compensation claim to help them avoid financial trouble in the future.

Protecting yourself from on-the-job disease

Adobe Rose8.jpegPeople often mistakenly assume that workers' compensation is tied only to on-the-job accidents resulting in serious injuries. In fact, workers' compensation claims can center on either injuries or illness - sometimes a combination of both.

It is not uncommon for employees in numerous industries to work with hazardous or toxic materials for hours, days or even years. This level of contact can lead to health challenges or even deadly diseases.

Are large truck collision fatalities on the rise?

Adobe Rose9.jpegIt is not uncommon for large truck accidents to be caused by mechanical failure. Tire blowouts or faulty safety equipment can cause a driver to lose control and collide with other vehicles on California's roads. Unfortunately, due to the discrepancy of size and speed, drivers of smaller passenger vehicles are at risk for serious injury in a collision with an 18-wheeler. Depending on many factors, these accidents can result in driver fatalities.

Winter Storm Brings Dangerous Driving Conditions

Adobe Rose7.jpegAround the nation, California winter is often dismissed as mild and pleasant in comparison to either the upper Midwest or East Coast. In reality, devastating storms can decimate the state as weather systems generated over the Pacific Ocean and high atop the mountain ranges collide across the state. Snow storms, mudslides and powerful straight-line winds can destroy property and injure - or even kill - California residents.

In the highly-populated communities of Southern California, the heavy winds and rain can make even a simple drive deadly.

Ototoxicity - Hearing Loss in the Workplace

Adobe Rose6.jpegMost people equate hearing loss with a loud environment such as those centered on construction equipment or industrial machinery. Unfortunately, a chemically toxic work environment can also lead to a reduction in hearing capacity or complete hearing loss.

Recently, OSHA released a Safety and Health Information Bulletin warning employers of this relatively unknown cause of worker injury. Damage to hearing due to chemical exposure is referred to as ototoxicity. The chemicals themselves are referred to as ototoxicants. While exposure to noise and ototoxicants can independently cause hearing loss in employees, if a worker is exposed to both factors on the job, he or she can suffer devastating results. Depending on the level of noise, the dose of the chemical and the duration of the exposure the hearing loss can be either temporary or permanent.

What Is OSHA's "Fatal Four?"

Adobe Rose5.jpegWork accidents can lead to serious injuries. Depending on the line of work, however, you might face catastrophic harm or even the loss of a loved one. Those who work in industrial or construction fields might face a higher instance of dangerous accidents.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) operates numerous regional offices and is tasked with keeping American workers safe through the dissemination of information. Each year the OSHA releases data from numerous studies that cover a wide array of topics. Recently, they have coined the phrase "Fatal Four" to describe the construction industry's most dangerous types of accidents.

Serious Allegations In Tesla Employment Law Case

Adobe Rose3a.jpegThere are shocking allegations in an employment law case involving Tesla. A federal judge in San Jose said Tesla must defend itself at trial to answer serious charges. Tesla is accused of threatening to deport foreign workers if they reported an injury at their Fremont plant, and that the workers put in too many hours which were ultimately in violation of U.S. labor laws.

While unrelated, Judge Lucy Koh's decision came just days after Tesla and Chief Executive Elon Musk each agreed to pay $20 million in fines to settle SEC fraud charges.

Are Automated Trucks Safer For Our Highways?

Adobe Rose2.jpegWith numerous companies exploring the possibility of automated vehicles, significant attention is now being paid to the long-haul trucking industry. If self-driving 18-wheelers are tasked with hauling goods and materials across the United States with little driver interaction, does this make our nation's highways safer ... or deceptively dangerous?

Preventing A Deadly Trench Collapse

Adobe Rose.jpegConstruction workers face danger nearly every moment of every shift. There are certain situations, however, that can prove more dangerous - more deadly - than others. Workers must take special care to prevent fatal accidents such as trench and excavation collapse.

Material excavation is fairly common in most construction projects and many large renovation projects. When the excavation becomes deeper than it is wide, it is considered a trench. If a trench reaches a depth of five feet or greater, a protective system must be put in place to ensure worker safety. A trench collapse can mean thousands of pounds of pressure piling up on construction workers in an instant. One cubic yard of dry topsoil weighs 2,000 pounds. Saturated, the same amount of soil weighs nearly 3,000 pounds. When this material comes crashing down on a worker, they have little time to react. The enormous weight can lead to catastrophic injuries or even death.

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