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Engineered countertops linked to lung damage and death

Engineered stone – typically used in the construction of kitchen countertops – has been linked to the deadly lung disease silicosis. A report recently published by the CDC highlights 18 cases of illness and two deaths of employees whose primary function was working with engineered stone. These cases spanned California, Colorado, Texas and Washington.

While those tasked with cutting, grinding and polishing the material were at risk for dangerous exposure, the hazards did not stop there. In many situations, surfaces throughout the building were covered in silica dust resulting in widespread danger that could impact everyone from the janitorial staff to office workers.

Are slower speed limits necessary in inactive construction zones?

A new California driving rule issued by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) now requires that drivers slow down when entering a construction zone, even if there are no workers present.

The new rule has residents wondering who this change benefits.

Workers' compensation isn't only about an accident

Adobe Rose15.jpegMost people assume that workers' compensation benefits are tied to a single accident while on the job. Falling down the stairs, for example, cutting yourself or having a devastating mishap while working on an industrial machine can lead to severe injuries. It is important to remember, however, that this is only one category. What other types of scenarios can lead to a workers' compensation benefits claim?

Injured At Work? What Now?

Thousands of hard-working individuals are injured at work every day. If you are reading this article, chances are, you are one of them. However, a majority of individuals have never heard of workers compensation or know they may be entitled to benefits. This article is aimed at informing injured workers the important steps they must take and what to expect in the early stages.

How common are occupational fatalities?

Adobe Rose13.jpegWorkers' compensation focuses on helping injured employees recover benefits based on the severity of an injury or condition. Whether caused by a single accident, a history of muscle repetition or toxic exposure, workers are likely to face serious consequences. Unfortunately, the most severe accidents can result in the loss of life.

4 most common types of summer workplace injuries

Adobe Rose12.jpegWhile nearly any type of accident can occur at nearly any time, there are certain injuries that most commonly occur during the summer months. Construction workers or employees performing any type of work that is mainly completed outside in the elements must be acutely aware of the dangers that could be faced. 

Avoiding dehydration in the summer heat

Adobe Rose11.jpeg

As summer has arrived, soon we will be forced to face the hottest months of the year. Unfortunately, individuals who must work outside or in extreme conditions are often given little protection from the heat, humidity and direct sunlight. What can workers do to stay safe?

From industrial workers being required to wear several layers of PPEs (personal protection equipment) to construction workers spending all day on an outdoor jobsite, heat-related illnesses can be a devastating, deadly reality. These illnesses can include heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat cramps and heat rash. One of the biggest single preventative factors, OSHA cautions, is to remain hydrated.

Identifying a dangerous work environment

Adobe Rose10.jpegWhile some occupations are more hazardous than others, all workers deserve to feel safe while on the job. Owners, managers and supervisors alike have a duty to keep workers protected from harm no matter the job. It is not uncommon, however, for a job environment to become dangerous due to numerous factors. Injured employees are wise to pursue a workers' compensation claim to help them avoid financial trouble in the future.

Protecting yourself from on-the-job disease

Adobe Rose8.jpegPeople often mistakenly assume that workers' compensation is tied only to on-the-job accidents resulting in serious injuries. In fact, workers' compensation claims can center on either injuries or illness - sometimes a combination of both.

It is not uncommon for employees in numerous industries to work with hazardous or toxic materials for hours, days or even years. This level of contact can lead to health challenges or even deadly diseases.

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