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Amputation Lawyer in Los Angeles

It goes without saying that an injury resulting in an amputation is a life-altering event. Most individuals facing an amputation will be required to adjust their entire life, including making adjustments at the workplace and at home to accommodate their new circumstances. Every day can prove to be a new challenge.

Rose, Klein & Marias LLP provides victims of amputation injuries the opportunity to recover compensation in hopes of bettering their lives. When arriving at our office, our lawyers will provide you with personalized representation and compassionate care. We have been helping personal injury victims recover since 1936, and we understand what California courts require in proving how an injury occurred and the amount of compensation needed to take care of your short-term and long-term needs.

The Causes Of Amputations

A substantial number of amputations come about due to trauma related to a personal injury accident. Many such accidents come about due to the carelessness of other individuals. Common causes our Los Angeles catastrophic injury lawyers have seen include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents: Rollover accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents and a large number of other kinds of crashes can result in amputations occurring. Sometimes a limb is so badly injured due to a crash that medical personnel have no choice but to amputate that portion of the body.
  • Workplace construction and farm-related accidents: Accidents can happen at the workplace in many ways – especially when dealing with heavy machinery. Such an injury can occur due to equipment malfunction, falls from heights, crushing type accidents where the body or parts of the body are pinned, being struck by falling objects, or injured due to an explosion.
  • Electrical shocks: These can occur due to contact with overhead power lines, underground wiring or malfunctions of a breaker system. Sometimes businesses or companies are guilty of failing to warn of the dangers of an electrical shock or failing to take the proper safety precautions to prevent electric shock from occurring.
  • Defective products: A poorly designed or manufactured product such as power tools or industrial equipment can lead to the loss of a limb. Whether for use at home or at the workplace, manufacturers and other third parties can be held liable for such accidents.
  • Accidents or injuries leading to severe infection: Injuries as a result of dog bite, exposure to chemicals or laceration due to machinery can sometimes cause a limb to become infected resulting in the need for amputation.
  • Medical malpractice: A negligently performed medical procedure or surgery can result in the amputation of a limb and the doctors and hospitals can be held responsible for these situations.

There may be many other causes of events leading to amputation, and responsible parties need to be held accountable. While a lawsuit can in no way make up for your loss, financial compensation can help you be able to pay for medical care and the resources you need in dealing with your amputation.

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