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Los Angeles Mass Torts Attorney

A mass tort is an efficient way for multiple plaintiffs to have their voices heard against a common defendant. Rather than hearing hundreds of similar claims against the same defendant, the courts allow plaintiffs to present a unified case together. This case is a mass tort action. Common mass torts are environmental torts, unfair business practice torts, and defective consumer product torts.

If you believe you may be able to start or join a mass tort, an attorney from Rose, Klein & Marias LLP can help. Start your legal action with a free consultation at one of our 10 Southern California law firms.

Why Choose Our Mass Tort Lawyers?

  • The history of our firm shows more than $5 billion in recovered compensation for our clients. We can take mass tort actions to court, if necessary, for full recoveries.
  • The attorneys at Rose, Klein & Marias LLP have experience across multiple practice areas within personal injury and workers’ compensation law.
  • The lawyers at our firm only charge for their services if they win the mass tort. Otherwise, the total fee you will pay for our services rendered is $0.

Do You Need a Mass Tort Attorney?

Mass torts are large cases that can involve hundreds of plaintiffs and often a powerful defendant. Going up against a defendant alone could be difficult. You may not understand your rights or legal opportunities. If you hire an attorney, however, a professional you trust will walk you through the case while keeping your best interests in mind. Your lawyer can help you navigate a mass tort action by handling the paperwork for you, gathering evidence, properly evaluating your losses and more. You can focus on healing from your injuries when you hire an attorney to take care of the legwork of your case on your behalf.

What to Expect During a Mass Tort

Mass torts are a developing area of litigation that stems in large part from modern technological advances. The intent of mass tort litigation is to allow the courts to hear multiple injured parties and try them concurrently for optimal efficiency. Mass torts present benefits such as shorter timelines for all parties involved. Common practice areas for mass tort lawsuits are employment law, insurance law, product liability law, antitrust law, business law, disasters, and environmental law. The plaintiffs can live anywhere in the nation but must share common injuries or damages.

If you hire an attorney from Rose, Klein & Marias LLP to represent you during a mass tort claim, one of the first steps will be to identify the defendant in your case, or the party allegedly responsible for causing your damages. If you wish to join an already existing mass tort, another plaintiff may have already named the appropriate defendant. Your lawyer will then evaluate your specific losses to demand an appropriate amount of compensation from the defendant. The case will proceed with a few specific plaintiffs representing the rest in the suit.

If the mass tort succeeds, all individuals in the defined class of the lawsuit (all those with a claim to damages) will have a specified amount of time in which to assert their claim to part of the compensation awarded. Your attorney can help you claim your portion of damages by the deadline. If you would prefer to pursue an individual lawsuit rather than join a mass tort, you have the option to opt-out.

Speak to a Mass Tort Attorney Today

Not every Los Angeles personal injury attorney can represent clients in mass tort claims. It takes special knowledge and training to successfully litigate this type of claim. It also requires ample resources to front the ongoing costs of such a large-scale lawsuit. Rose, Klein & Marias LLP has the money, personnel, and firm resources to take on mass tort claims in confidence. If you think you may have a mass tort or have questions about joining one, contact us today. Initial consultations are free.