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Attorney Referrals

Lawyer to Lawyer Referrals

Rose, Klein & Marias maintains close professional relationships with Los Angeles personal injury lawyers and firms who often refer cases to us in exchange for a percentage of our attorneys’ fees earned from that case. In this way, the referring lawyer can feel confident that the client they refer to RKM will receive the best possible representation in the case.

Many Different Types of Lawyers and Firms Refer Cases Within Our Areas of Emphasis to Our Firm

We pay referral fees to all different kinds of lawyers – not just to other personal injury or Workers’ Compensation lawyers. We have paid referral fees to lawyers who specialize in:

  • Business Law
  • Family Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Insurance Defense Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Social Security Law

In fact, we do the Workers’ Compensation work for many personal injury lawyers who do not do Workers’ Compensation. We record , remember , and honor the original client relationships from our referring lawyers. We will never infringe upon a relationship between a personal injury lawyer and his client, simply because we have been given the responsibility to handle the Workers’ Compensation claim.

Whether you refer a client or friend to us because you want to feel confident that person will be represented by an experienced, ethical and competent personal injury or Workers’ Compensation law firm, we will be happy to enter into an appropriate referral fee arrangement with you.

State Bar Rules Authorize Fee Sharing Between Lawyers

Lawyers may mistakenly believe they are not allowed to accept a referral fee. The State Bar of California authorizes lawyers to share fees on a case so long as the client approves of that fee sharing arrangement in writing. We comply with all State Bar rules when entering into fee sharing arrangements, and we pay referral fees at prevailing rates.

Consider Referring Your Personal Injury and/or Workers’ Compensation Cases to Rose, Klein & Marias LLP

If you do not handle Workers’ Compensation matters, your client deserves the experience and expertise we can offer in Workers’ Compensation. The same is true for personal injury matters; even if you do handle some personal injury cases, larger and more complex tort matters may require the additional experience, talent, and resources that we can offer.

If you are a sole practitioner handling a very large personal injury case or group of cases, but you are concerned that you don’t have the resources to try the case or battle the defendants to a fair settlement, you may want to consider referring the case to us. By referring the case to Rose, Klein & Marias for handling, you take the risk out of your own practice. Given our track record, you can be confident that your client will be in good hands and that the size of the settlement or verdict we obtain will yield the best results for the client, you and us.

Or, perhaps a relative, friend, or neighbor has approached you with a Workers’ Compensation or personal injury matter because they know you are in the legal profession. You may never have handled a personal injury or Workers’ Compensation case before, but you want to make sure that this individual receives quality legal representation that will yield the very best results. If you refer that case to us, you will be entitled to a portion of the attorneys’ fees when the case is resolved.

RKM frequently “associates” into tort litigation matters that other attorneys have already begun handling, but where the case has become more complicated, more expensive, or more difficult than first anticipated. Where appropriate, RKM will be pleased to enter into an agreement which allocates fees, costs, and work responsibility between our firm and yours. In this way, the referring lawyer stays involved in the case, but is not forced to continue handling it alone.

Please contact us if you would like to further discuss referrals to us or association with us of a personal injury and/or Workers’ Compensation case you may have that requires aggressive, quality, and experienced representation. We have worked hard to earn a reputation of honesty and ethical compliance.

Let us help maximize your clients’ recovery by bringing to bear our many years of successful experience in the personal injury and Workers’ Compensation arenas.

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