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Serious legal issues can arise when it comes to compensation of employees. Overtime, timeliness of checks, break times, lunch breaks, accrued vacation pay, work preparations and expenses, or the employer’s failure to give proper notice of a large plant closure, are all significant issues when it comes to wage and hour disputes.

In the modern market-driven era, some employers constantly try to get an edge on employee productivity. Unfortunately, all too often employers do not pay for overtime or employees are forced to limit the hours they clock to 40 despite working more hours. When they are allowed to clock in for more than 40, they are not compensated correctly.

In other cases, employees are not practically permitted to take lunch breaks or rest because of the work demands. If you are facing these or other wage and hour issues, we are ready to take more than 80 years of practice to do everything we can to obtain accountability and compensation.

Employee Rights And Civil Litigation Law Firm

Our Southern California employment law attorneys have extensive experience dealing with wage and hour issues. We have worked with class action suits in the wage and hour arena and are ready to bring our comprehensive knowledge and dedication to your case. It is important to note that these issues are both time sensitive and complex. If you have questions we strongly encourage you to get in touch at your earliest convenience.

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