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Los Angeles Interstate 405 Accident Lawyer

Interstate 405 (I-405), or the San Diego Freeway, is nationally known as the busiest freeway in the country. It is also one of the most dangerous, with a consistent track record of fatal accidents year after year. Heavy traffic congestion, reckless drivers and poorly constructed roads can contribute to accidents along I-405. Contact a Los Angeles Interstate 405 accident lawyer at our firm if you were in an accident on Interstate 405 that caused serious injuries. The law firm of Rose, Klein & Marias LLP may be able to help you and your family recover compensation.

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Why You Need an Interstate Accident Attorney

California is a tort-based car accident state. After a crash you did not cause, you will contact the other driver’s insurance company to pursue financial compensation. The agent assigned to your case may try to handle it unfairly, however, with tactics such as drawing out the investigation process, delaying your payment or offering a low settlement. In these situations, an aggressive Los Angeles car accident attorney from our firm can help you force the insurer to treat your claim more reasonably. Most insurance companies will change the way they handle claims immediately upon learning the claimant has hired an attorney. If not, we are not afraid to take your I-405 accident case to court.

What Causes Interstate 405 Accidents?

I-405 is a busy freeway that is often heavy with commuters and freight haulers. By many counts, it is the most congested freeway in the U.S. It serves as an important route for people who live in cities and suburbs in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. In our years serving accident victims throughout Southern California, we have represented clients involved in auto accidents with all types of causes on the 405.

Collisions on I-405 often occur at slow speeds due to heavy traffic congestion. Even these collisions, however, could cause whiplash and other injuries to vehicle occupants. A low-speed collision could also cause serious damage to vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists. No matter what you believe caused your auto accident, contact us to find out if we can help.

California Car Accident Laws

An I-405 accident claim will involve a few specific state traffic laws. Insurance laws, for instance, will play a role in your claim by determining who will take financial responsibility for your losses. Your case may also involve the state’s statute of limitations if you plan on bringing an injury claim to court. You have two years from the date of your Interstate 405 accident to go to court and file a lawsuit against the party or parties that could be responsible. If you miss this time limit, you may lose any right to obtain compensation. The lawyers at Rose, Klein & Marias LLP can help you navigate the laws that apply to your specific claim.

Contact an Interstate 405 Accident Attorney

An accident on Interstate 405 could cause permanently disabling injuries. You or a loved one may have the physical or emotional scars from a serious accident for life. At our law firm, we work hard to bring negligent drivers and other parties to justice. If someone else negligently or carelessly caused your I-405 accident, we may be able to help you fight for fair compensation. We have won awards for past clients that reimbursed them for expenses such as hospital bills, disability accommodations, lost wages, and vehicle repairs. Let us review your case for free today. Contact us online or reach an attorney at our Los Angeles office by calling (800) 362-7427 today.