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Airbnb quickly became one of the largest online hospitality services after its debut in 2008. The company, now valued at $31 billion, currently has listings in over 65,000 cities and 191 countries. Airbnb offers a simple way for travelers to find alternative lodging to hotels and hostels. Unfortunately, lax regulations and lack of company accountability for guest safety have led to disasters, serious injuries, and even deaths.

If you suffered an injury while staying at an Airbnb, the homeowner and/or company could owe you financial compensation for your losses. Please contact the attorneys at Rose, Klein & Marias LLP today for counsel.

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Why You Need an Airbnb Injury Attorney

As the company has grown, Airbnb has invested in a powerful legal team to combat liability claims brought against the company and its hosts. This can, unfortunately, make it difficult for injured guests to receive fair compensation for their injuries. Airbnb may try to avoid liability by placing it on the homeowner. A homeowner, however, may not have enough insurance to cover your losses. An attorney from Rose, Klein & Marias LLP will have the answers. We can help you hold the correct party accountable to fight for fair compensation.

Common Types of Airbnb Accidents and Injuries

An Airbnb could contain all the hazards and defects of a typical property – perhaps exacerbated by the fact that no one lives in the unit full-time. If the property owner fails to regularly check and inspect the home for issues, it could fall into a state of disrepair. It is the property owner’s legal responsibility to ensure the safety of invited guests, including paying guests from Airbnb. Otherwise, many serious accidents could occur.

The injuries you could suffer in an Airbnb accident range from broken bones to traumatic brain injuries. At Rose, Klein & Marias LLP, we have helped victims with injuries such as bone fractures, cracked skulls, brain damage, spinal cord injuries, muscle tears, burns, cuts and more. We also accept wrongful death claims if you lost a loved one while he or she was staying at an Airbnb.

Who Is Liable?

Liability is one of the most complicated questions during an Airbnb injury claim. First, you should contact Airbnb to submit an incident report to the company. Describe what happened in great detail and do not admit fault for your injuries. Airbnb offers $1 million in insurance for injury claims from guests. The company may offer you a settlement for your damages. If Airbnb refutes liability or does not offer enough compensation, you may need to bring a civil lawsuit against the homeowner instead. A premises liability lawsuit could end in greater financial recovery for your losses if Airbnb refuses to settle your claim.

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You may need a lawyer’s assistance in determining the best course of legal action after suffering a serious injury while staying at an Airbnb. The attorneys at Rose, Klein & Marias LLP can meet with you to discuss your case for free at our local Los Angeles office. If we take your case, we may be able to help you seek fair and full compensation from Airbnb, a property owner and/or other parties for your damages. Contact us online or call (800) 362-7427 today to request a free consultation.