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Electrocution is a serious and often fatal type of injury that happens when an electric current passes through the body. Electrocution can refer to a few different electrical injuries, including electric shock and electrical burns. Electrocutions are often preventable with proper safety gear, electrical equipment maintenance, and worker training. If you suffered an electrocution injury or recently lost a loved one, please contact the Los Angeles personal injury lawyers at Rose, Klein & Marias LLP. If someone else caused or contributed to your injuries, that party may owe you financial compensation.

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What to Look for in Your Lawyer
Were You Electrocuted at Work?
When is Compensation Available for Electrocution Injuries?
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Why Choose Us?

  • Our law firm has been committed to getting maximum compensation for each client for more than 80 years.
  • Our firm offers 10 offices throughout Southern California so you can meet with an attorney at your convenience.
  • Our lawyers know how to fight for the best possible results for clients. We have obtained more than $5 billion for all past clients.
  • Our electrocution injury attorneys will not charge any fees for their services if they are unsuccessful in securing you an award.

What to Look for in Your Lawyer

After an injury as serious as electrocution, do not trust insurance companies to offer you a fair amount. An insurance provider may try to downplay your injuries or offer less than your case is worth. Instead, trust an attorney from Rose, Klein & Marias LLP to provide an accurate evaluation of your damage claim.

Your lawyer should be able to take care of claims processes such:

  • as investigating your electrocution, 
  • determining its cause, 
  • identifying the defendant, and 
  • filing a claim for fair damages within California’s statute of limitations. 

Our attorneys can handle all these task and more on your behalf. With us on your case you’ll be able to focus on recovering from your injuries while we handle the entire claims process from gathering evidence through collecting your complete compensation.

Los Angeles Electrocution Injury Lawyer

Were You Electrocuted at Work?

At Rose, Klein & Marias LLP, we focus our efforts exclusively on representing personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. Over 80 years of experience in these practice areas has given us in-depth knowledge of these subjects. We know electrocution is one of the top causes of serious injuries and deaths in the workplace – especially in the construction industry. If you suffered electrocution at work or lost a loved one in this way, contact our workers’ compensation attorneys for counsel. You and your family may be eligible for damages.

A workers’ compensation claim in California could reimburse you or your family for two-thirds of your lost wages and the full value of related medical bills, on top of other types of awards such as disability pay and wrongful death damages. You will not have to prove fault to be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. The amount you receive for your electrocution injury, however, could be substantially less than what a court may award you in a personal injury claim.

If you have reason to believe your employer caused your injuries, wait to accept a workers’ compensation settlement. Once you accept, you can no longer bring a civil claim against your employer. If someone else caused your electrocution injury at work, such as a reckless coworker or product manufacturing company, however, you could be eligible for compensation through both systems. Discuss your case with one of our attorneys before making any decisions. That way, you can rest assured that you chose the avenue most likely to maximize your financial recovery.

When is Compensation Available for an Electrocution Injury?

To collect compensation for the costs and damages associated with the injuries from the accident, you’ll need to prove that another party’s negligence was the cause of the accident. This is because when you cause an accident that leads to a personal injury, you would go through your own insurance company, and pockets if they don’t cover it. 

Another party is liable for the damages you have suffered in your accident when they were negligent, a legal term with four parts: 

  • Duty – the party must have some responsibility towards you 
  • Breach – the party must breach their duty or responsibility towards you
  • Causation – the breach of duty must have caused the accident that led to your injuries 
  • Damages – your injuries must have damages and related costs for you to recover them 

For example, all drivers on the road have a duty to drive safely, responsibly, and within the speed limit. When drivers are engaging in aggressive driving, they drive above the speed limit, or too aggressively, which includes not giving enough cars on the road enough room. If a driver is speeding, they have breached their duty to you and to the law to follow the speed limit. If that driver’s speeding causes an accident, and you have measurable and provable damages from that accident, you will be entitled to collect compensation. 

Determining when another party was negligent and caused your accident requires the application of the law and the outcome of similar cases to the unique facts and circumstances of your accident. How do you know if the driver that hit you was speeding in a car accident? How do you know that an employer failed to follow their obligations to keep your workplace safe? The answer to these and most similar questions is the same: evidence. 

What Damages Can You Collect After an Electrocution Injury?

While it would be ideal if the payment of the benefits you are entitled to after your accident were automatic, that is not the case. After your accident you’ll need to begin the process of gathering evidence, First, you need to prove that the accident was caused by the negligence of someone or something else, as we discussed above. Next, you need to prove the amount in damages that you are seeking with evidence. 

Damages for your personal injury will generally include: 

  • Short-term medical bills like the emergency room visit and any medications you are prescribed 
  • Long-term medical bills like ongoing treatments, rehabilitation, surgeries, and medications 
  • Lost wages and work benefits in the period after your injury 
  • Long-term lost earnings potential due to your injuries 

Electrocution injuries can lead to significant medical costs and impacts on your ability to work. Burn injuries can lead to permanent disability, mental health issues, as well as problems with mobility that can impact your ability to work. If your ability to earn and support your family has been impacted in any way by your accident you are entitled to compensation equal to the difference, starting at the time of your accident going through the remainder of your working life. 

How Are Damages Proven in a Electrocution Injury Case?

To prove your damages, you need evidence that would be admissible in court to prove them. For example, how do you know how much money your burn injury treatments will cost for the next 30 years? Will you require rehabilitation or surgery? How much does that cost? These are questions that most injured persons do not know the answer to, and might not know where to begin. Working with a Los Angeles catastrophic injury lawyer from Rose, Klein, and Marias Injury Lawyers will provide you the support you need every step of the way, including the collection of all the evidence you’ll need to make the most of your case. 

Insurance Companies Deny or Reduce Payment on All Claims They Can

While it would be ideal if the payment of the benefits you are entitled to were received automatically after your accident, this is not the case. Instead, you will face an uphill battle against the insurance company of the party that caused the accident. Insurance companies do not work for injured persons, they work for profit, and profit is increased the more claims they deny, and the less they give on claims that are paid out on. 

The insurance company will challenge your version of events to shift liability towards you, claiming that you were the negligent party. Insurance companies will push back on your estimated costs with expert opinions on their own meant to justify reducing the amount you are paid. Insurance companies have even been known to wrongfully deny claims in the hopes that the injured person will not be able to refile their claim, or that they will accept less. 

Working with an experienced electrocution injury attorney who knows how to negotiate the best possible outcome with the insurance company will support your case. We will not accept less than what you deserve, and if the insurance company will not play fair well bring them to court for you. 

If We Take Your Case You Pay Nothing Up-Front and Nothing Out-of-Pocket

A common question we get from prospective new clients is how much our services cost, as often injured persons worry that they cannot afford an attorney to go against the insurance company to collect what they deserve. The fact of the matter is, if we take your case, you can afford us, as we charge nothing for your up-front consultation, and only get paid if we win. Our payment comes out of a portion of the earnings that we generate for you that will agree upon before getting started. 

Your initial consultation is cost-free and risk-free, and if we take your case, you’ll never have to pay us anything out of pocket.

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A workers’ compensation or personal injury claim after suffering electrocution or the loss of a loved one could end in fair financial compensation for your economic and noneconomic damages. You may be eligible to recover the costs of your past and future medical bills, hospital stays, treatments, pain medications, therapies, lost work, lost future earning capacity, permanent disabilities, pain, and suffering, and more.

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