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Southern California Workplace Discrimination Lawyer

While workplace harassment is a huge issue facing protected classes, discrimination is another serious issue. Unfortunately, all too many people, even extremely high-performing and executive-level employees, are victims of discrimination.

Otherwise productive employees should never be penalized due to discrimination. If you or someone close has faced or is facing discrimination, you may be entitled to compensation. A skilled attorney can pursue negotiation or litigation in order to obtain compensation in your best interest.

Southern California Employee Rights And Civil Litigation Law Firm

As one of the oldest and most celebrated law firms in California, we are ready to work on behalf of employees who have suffered discriminatory punishment in the forms of:

  • Failure to promote
  • Failure to offer commensurate compensation
  • Failure to provide commensurate working area
  • Withholding or failure to offer bonuses
  • Unreasonable restriction of certain attire
  • Pregnancy discrimination/denial of maternity leave
  • Unfair disciplinary measures
  • Wrongful termination

We also want to point out that it is illegal to discriminate against employees who have an injury or disability, or who file any type of compensation claim. We have worked on cases where a workers’ compensation case is going fine, and then the worker finds him or herself discriminated against and we intervene. We are ready to take the skill our firm has honed in more than 80 years of practice to obtain the compensation and accountability you deserve; please get in touch as soon as possible.

The best plan of action is to schedule a free lawyer consultation with one of our Southern California discrimination lawyers. Call (800) 362-7427 or email Rose, Klein & Marias LLP.