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The workplace should be a setting where you feel safe and comfortable. Employers have a responsibility to ensure the reasonable safety of all workers. Despite this duty, however, thousands of workers in the U.S. suffer serious injuries and die on the job each year. If you or a loved one recently sustained a work injury in Southern California, you may have grounds for a claim against a negligent employer. The attorneys at Rose, Klein & Marias LLP could help you with a personal injury lawsuit, third-party claim and/or workers’ compensation claim after a workplace accident in Southern California. Please contact us today for a free work injury consultation.

Why Choose Our Southern California Work Injury Attorneys?

  • We work tirelessly to obtain the maximum possible compensation for each client. Our firm has obtained over $5 billion among all past clients.
  • We commit to bettering the laws that apply to work injury cases, as well as the way insurance companies handle them.
  • We have 10 offices to conveniently serve injured workers throughout Southern California. We do not believe you should have to drive hours for quality representation.
  • We can help you handle your work injury case in Southern California for $0 down and $0 total if we do not win you a compensatory award.

Outlets for Recovery After a Work Injury in California

Like most states, California requires all employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance in case employees suffer injuries on the job. This insurance coverage offers no-fault benefits to injured employees who qualify. No-fault benefits mean the employee does not have to prove the employer or another party caused his or her accident or injuries. The injured employee can still receive financial compensation without proving fault.

Workers’ compensation is the most common outlet for recovery after a work injury in California. To file a claim with your employer’s insurance provider, you must notify your employer of the accident within 30 days. Your boss should then file a claim on your behalf within 10 days. The insurance company will review your case and issue the first check for recoverable damages within two weeks of accepting your claim. Before you accept a settlement offer through workers’ comp, however, speak to an attorney about a possible third-party claim.

A lawsuit is the other option for recovery after a work-related injury. You cannot bring a lawsuit against your employer for negligence if you have already accepted workers’ compensation. You may, however, still be eligible for a third-party claim after receiving workers’ comp benefits. A third-party claim is a lawsuit against someone other than your employer. Lawsuits generally result in higher financial awards than workers’ compensation in California. Learn more about your specific avenues for recovery during a free consultation at Rose, Klein & Marias LLP.

How Long Do You Have to File a Work Injury Claim?

It is vital to know your deadlines when applying for compensation after a work injury in Southern California. Insurance companies and the courts take time limits seriously. Missing an important deadline could mean forfeiting any right you may have otherwise had to financial recovery, even if you can prove someone else’s negligence.

First, you must report your injuries to your employer within 30 days. Failing to notify your employer promptly or within this window could be grounds for a denied workers’ compensation claim. Second, you have one year from the date of your injuries (or discovery of injuries, whichever is later) to file a workers’ compensation claim.

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