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Los Angeles Drunk Driver Accident Attorney

Most drunk driving accidents are catastrophic, causing life-altering or fatal injuries to victims. Drunk drivers are more likely to commit reckless acts such as excessive speeding, red-light running or driving the wrong way than other drivers. At Rose, Klein & Marias LLP, we are passionate about bringing drunk drivers in Los Angeles to justice. We represent injured people after alcohol-impaired accidents throughout Southern California. Please contact us today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

Why Choose Our Los Angeles Drunk Driver Accident Lawyers?

  • Our law firm has expanded since its establishment in 1936 to include dozens of attorneys with experience across multiple legal fields. We have 10 law offices conveniently located throughout California.
  • Our law firm exclusively focuses its attention on personal injury and workers’ compensation laws, giving us in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in these practice areas.
  • Our drunk driving accident attorneys take cases in Los Angeles on a contingency fee basis, with no fees upfront and $0 in attorney’s costs if we fail to secure you a financial award.

How We Can Help

If you work with a Los Angeles car accident lawyer from Rose, Klein & Marias LLP, you will not have to lift a finger while we take care of your case. Our attorneys will work tirelessly to make sure you have everything you need, from high-quality medical care in Los Angeles to aggressive car insurance settlement negotiations. We can take care of the legal legwork of your case while you concentrate on healing.

  • Gathering eyewitness statements
  • Collecting copies of police reports
  • Obtaining Breathalyzer and chemical test results
  • Subpoenaing police camera footage of a field sobriety test
  • Building a civil case against the drunk driver
  • Fighting for the full value of your damage claim

We settle most of the auto accident cases we accept during pretrial negotiations. If, however, the insurance provider refuses to settle your case for what we believe is a fair amount, we can take the defendant to court to demand better results. Our attorneys have years of trial experience and can advocate for your rights before a judge or jury.

Civil vs. Criminal Drunk Driving Cases

At Rose, Klein & Marias LLP, we represent injured victims during civil drunk driving accident cases in Los Angeles. It is our goal to obtain fair financial compensation for victims’ losses, including property damage repairs, lost income, medical bills, and pain and suffering. A criminal drunk driving case, on the other hand, aims to convict a driver for a crime and impose sentences such as jail time.

Filing a police report and cooperating with law enforcement could bring a drunk driver to justice by helping the prosecution build a criminal case. Filing a civil claim, however, is the only way to fight for compensation for your losses. A civil claim seeks to force the reckless driver to take accountability for his or her actions. It could make the drunk driver’s insurance company pay a fair compensation amount for your economic and noneconomic losses.

Statutes of Limitations on Car Accident Claims

In the State of California, you only have two years from the date of your drunk driving car accident to bring a civil claim against the at-fault driver. The state has a two-year statute of limitations, with limited exceptions. Start your case soon after the crash to avoid missing your deadline. If prosecutors have brought criminal charges against the drunk driver, the civil courts may toll your deadline until after the resolution of the case. Contact our lawyers to determine your specific deadline.

Contact a Los Angeles Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

The traffic accident attorneys at Rose, Klein & Marias LLP have devoted their professional lives to helping injured crash victims. Our Los Angeles drunk driving accident lawyers have helped dozens of victims and family members obtain closure and peace of mind after devastating auto accidents. We have fought hard to obtain the maximum possible compensatory awards for each client we represent. Find out how we can help today during a free consultation.