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Los Angeles Silicosis Attorney

Individuals working in construction, mining, sandblasting and on railroads are susceptible to silica exposure. This is common, but employers are required to make sure employees use protective equipment when working with silica dust.

Companies who fail to take preventive measures place their workers at-risk of silica exposure, which can cause silicosis — a serious occupational lung disease. At the law firm of Rose, Klein & Marias LLP, we vigorously hold companies and suppliers accountable for work-related illnesses linked to silica exposure.

Protecting Southern California Clients with Silica Exposure-Related Illnesses

The danger of silica exposure has been known since the 1930s. Companies have no excuses for failing to follow regulations to keep their employees safe. We have deep roots holding at-fault parties accountable and are ready to protect you. Contact us today to schedule a free lawyer consultation.

Representing Clients Exposed to Silica

Since 1936, the attorneys at our law firm have successfully held negligent parities accountable for causing life-threatening accidents. Part of our success stems from our commitment to helping accident victims obtain as much compensation as possible to cover hospital bills, lost wages and rehabilitation needs.

We make this happen by carefully investigating work-related injuries to determine if a third-party is at-fault. The lawyers at our law firm have an in-depth background representing employees who made sinks, toilets and other products in environments with silica exposure.

We have extensive experience working with medical experts to build cases showing the silica exposure caused an occupational disease. The attorneys at our law firm consult medical professionals to determine the severity of the lung or liver disease. Medical evidence helps us obtain the maximum amount of workers’ compensation benefits based on the seriousness of the disease.

Pursuing the Maximum Amount of Compensation

After determining if silica exposure is correlated with the work injury, we investigate work environments to determine if additional compensation is available due to third-party liability. We have experience working with toxicologists and industrial hygienists to review equipment and supplies workers used to evaluate their exposure to hazardous levels of silica. We are prepared to help accident victims obtain the compensation they need through an effective personal injury claim in Los Angeles.

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If you are concerned of the effects of using silica, we are ready to investigate your case and will hold negligent parities accountable. Contact us today to schedule a free lawyer consultation.