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When a family loses a loved one in a work-related accident, words cannot describe the loss. This overwhelming tragedy is difficult as it is, but when a family faces lost income, there is a further layer of angst in an already overwhelming time. Nothing can bring back a loved one, but workers’ compensation benefits may provide the compensation to widows, widowers, children and other dependents that can help elevate the quality of life in the wake of such tragedies.

Pursuing a workers’ compensation death claim can be difficult, particularly if there is a civil wrongful death claim involved. If you are faced with any of these issues, we are prepared to bring more than 80 years’ experience to work for you. Contact us today for a free Southern California workplace death claim evaluation.

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  • Our workplace accident lawyers have dedicated their lives to fighting for justice for the injured. Our firm has helped people in Southern California for over 80 years, since our establishment in 1936.
  • Our plaintiff’s injury law firm focuses entirely on two practice areas: personal injury and workers’ compensation. Our personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles are proud to have obtained over $5 billion in total for our past clients.
  • Our law firm wants to help you move forward without adding to your stress. That is why we offer representation for workplace death claims in Southern California on a contingency fee basis, with $0 in upfront fees and no costs unless we win.

Do You Need an Attorney?

A fatal accident at work is one of the most devastating tragedies that can befall a family. The sudden and unexpected loss of a loved one’s care, company and love, on top of significant lost income, can be overwhelming. When you hire an attorney from Rose, Klein & Marias LLP to handle your case, you do not have to worry about any of the legal processes it may take to obtain fair compensation for your loved one’s death. We will deal with the legal legwork for you while you spend time with your family. Our attorneys can fight for justice and maximum compensation for your irreparable loss while you focus on what matters most – healing.

Southern California County Employee Rights Law Firm

Because our firm has worked on workplace death cases for decades, we understand the devastation they cause and always bring sensitivity and compassion to each case. We will work with you to understand all the issues you are facing and fuse our comprehensive knowledge, experience, commitment and empathy to recover all compensation to which you are entitled. Let us take care of the details while you heal.

Workplace Death Statistics

A fatal workplace accident can happen in any setting, from an office to a construction site. Some industries, however, are more dangerous than others by nature. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration names construction as America’s deadliest industry, accounting for about one in five worker deaths each year. The most common causes of death in the construction sector are falls, struck-by objects, electrocutions and caught-in/between objects or equipment.

Data from the California Department of Industrial Relations offers a more detailed look at fatal occupational injuries within the state. From 2007 to 2017, the industry with the highest number of fatalities in California was Trade, Transportation, and Utilities. This industry has averaged almost 100 deaths per year for the past five years. Transportation incidents are the most common cause of death in this industry, followed by violence, contact with objects/equipment and falls.

Other dangerous industries in California include professional and business services, manufacturing, and leisure and hospitality. Common deadly accident types among these industries are slip and falls, contact with dangerous objects, violent acts, and exposure to harmful substances or environments. While working in a dangerous industry could elevate the risks of an accident and employee injuries, workers should never have to assume risks associated with employer negligence.

Are You Eligible for Workplace Death Benefits?

Almost all Southern California workplace deaths are preventable. They stem from one or more parties’ negligence, carelessness or intent to harm. If you have reason to believe someone else at your family member’s place of employment caused your loved one’s fatal accident, your family may have grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit in California. A wrongful death claim could result in fair recovery for your family’s economic and noneconomic damages.

  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of the loved one’s care and companionship
  • Loss of spousal consortium
  • Pain and suffering
  • Related medical expenses
  • Reasonable funeral and burial costs
  • Lost future wages and benefits
  • Lost inheritance

Your family could be eligible for significant compensation after a fatal workplace accident takes the life of a spouse, parent or another loved one. If you cannot file a wrongful death claim, you may at least be eligible for wrongful death benefits through a workers’ compensation settlement. At Rose, Klein & Marias LLP, we know a financial award will not make up for losing your loved one. We hope, however, that our ability to help you obtain future financial stability can give you the peace of mind to focus on recovering, one day at a time.

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We know how difficult it can be to reach out to an attorney following such tragedies, but early and decisive action is extremely important in recovering full compensation and benefits. We strongly encourage you to get in touch – we are here for you.

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Pursuant to Labor Code Section 5432(a), making a false or fraudulent workers’ compensation claim is a felony subject to up to 5 years in prison or a fine of up to $50,000 or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater, or by both imprisonment and fine.