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Frequently Asked Questions for Employees in Southern California

Worker-related issues can be intensely confusing. Many of the issues that the workplace presents are first-time issues, leaving workers confused and unsure of how to proceed. These may include:

What does it cost to hire an employee rights attorney?

Employee rights and personal injury cases are almost always handled on contingency. Many firms, like ours, take these cases and never collect any attorney’s fees until we obtain the compensation that you deserve.

What do I do if I am retaliated against for filing an employee rights claim?

It is illegal for any employer to retaliate against an employee who files a claim for a violation of employee rights. An attorney can work to secure compensation for damages for employees who have been discriminated against in this regard.

To what benefits am I entitled under workers’ compensation?

Any medical treatment for an on-the-job injury is covered by workers’ compensation benefits. Workers can recoup costs of medical treatments at the employer’s expense (including transportation costs to and from appointments).

In addition, lost wages are also compensable up to two-thirds of an average weekly wage. In cases of permanent disability, an injured worker can get partial and total disability compensation. Death benefits may also be awarded.

How do other benefits interact with workers’ compensation?

This is incredibly complex; disability, Social Security, personal injury and workers’ compensation benefits can and do interact with each other. Because of these layers of variability and complexity, partnering with an attorney is all but essential.

Frequently Asked Questions – Workplace Lawyers

Having advocated for workers’ rights for more than seven decades, we have a comprehensive knowledge of all variables involved in these cases. If you are faced with these or similar questions, we are ready to bring our expertise to work on your case.

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