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A True Story

She called, screaming, from a hospital gurney being rolled out of UCLA Medical Center.

Her employer’s work comp carrier had just informed her she was not really injured “on the job” — and so they would not pay.

Her leg was crushed that morning when her motorcycle fell on it as she parked across the street from her worksite.

She was now in pain, big time, and she’d spend time in the hallway of a county hospital, on her back, before her leg was set right.

This is what happened: She parked right where her employer told her to park. This fateful rainy morning, having braved the freeway and the wet streets to get to work, she had to park on a wet, painted surface.

There was no better place to park. But as she dismounted, the bike slipped, pinning her and crushing her leg.

The insurance company spent all it could to deny the claim, but our lawyers fought back just as hard – harder, actually.

The employer dictated the parking site. She was legally “on the job” the moment she rolled in. The injury was clearly compensable — and they would, and did, pay, however unwillingly.

So, if you are up against it, call RK&M. We keep our sleeves rolled up, and we always want the ball. Call, and we’ll go to work.