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A workplace accident can significantly disrupt your life physically, emotionally, and financially. An incident at work that gives you an injury or illness could force you to skip shifts, miss out on earning opportunities and spend thousands of dollars in medical care. Common injuries in workplace accidents include head injuries, traumatic brain damage, spine injuries, burns, lacerations, electric shocks, illnesses and muscle strains. Work injuries can be serious to catastrophic or fatal.

At Rose, Klein & Marias LLP, we are passionate about helping employees in Glendale seek justice for their injuries. We can help with workers’ compensation claims in California as well as personal injury lawsuits. If you have been in a workplace accident, contact a qualified Glendale workers’ compensation attorney from our firm for a free consultation right away. You could be eligible for a monetary award that covers your past and future related damages. Whether someone else’s negligence caused your accident or not, you could recover compensation.

Why Choose Rose, Klein & Marias LLP for Your Workers’ Comp Claim?

  • We have decades of experience. Our law firm has served the best interests of California’s injured since 1936. We understand workplace accident laws and how to navigate the state’s workers’ compensation system.
  • We have impressive results. Our injury lawyers have recovered over $5 billion in awards for past clients. We use tried-and-true legal strategies, as well as personal attention, to achieve the best possible result for each client.
  • We operate on a contingency fee basis. We accept Glendale workers’ compensation claims with no legal fees upfront. We will only charge you for our services if we succeed in securing you a monetary award.

How Can a Glendale Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Help?

In the aftermath of a workplace accident, you may not fully understand what caused your injuries or what your rights are as an employee. Unfortunately, some entities may take advantage of your confusion and distress. Insurance claims adjusters and your employer could try to convince you to settle your work injury claim for less money than it is worth. You may face insurance bad faith tactics such as underestimating your losses or denying your claim even though it is valid. It can be easy to fall for these tactics and to say yes to a settlement that is not really in your best interests without legal representation.

When you hire a workers’ compensation attorney in Glendale, you gain protection from insurance bad faith and other problems that could stand in the way of you obtaining fair compensation for your injuries. Your lawyer can advocate for your rights against your employer, insurance companies and other defendants while you focus on healing from your serious injuries. The right lawyer can explain your rights in a way that is easy to understand and guide you through the claims process, all while fighting for maximum recovery on your behalf. You can enjoy much-needed peace of mind with a lawyer taking care of the claims process for you.

Glendale Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Types of Workers’ Comp Benefits

One of the most common questions we receive at Rose, Klein & Marias LLP about workers’ compensation claims is, “What types of workers’ comp benefits are available?” Although each case is unique, the California workers’ compensation system allows injured workers to recover certain types of compensation across the board. The no-fault system does not require you to prove your employer’s fault (or anyone else’s) to receive an award. Filing a workers’ compensation claim in California could lead to the receipt of several benefit types:

  • Medical care. The total costs of your past and future health care expenses related to the work injury or illness. This can include surgeries, treatments, rehabilitation, x-rays and medications.
  • Temporary disability. Compensation for a disability that temporarily prevents you from working. You could receive temporary total or temporary partial disability benefits.
  • Permanent disability. Compensation for a disability that will take you out of work for the foreseeable future. You may receive compensation for a partial or total permanent disability depending on whether or not you can work in a limited capacity.
  • Supplemental job displacement. A set amount to help you pay for new job training or skill enhancement if you need a new job after a serious injury.
  • Death benefits. Payments to surviving loved ones, such as a spouse or child, after a fatal workplace accident. This award could cover medical expenses, lost wages, and reasonable funeral and burial costs.

The types of benefits you could receive will be unique to your case. The severity of your occupational injury or illness, how long it will impact you and whether it interfered with your ability to work could all play a role in the award you receive through a workers’ compensation claim. You may have the power to negotiate a better workers’ compensation settlement with help from a Glendale workers’ compensation attorney.

Compensation for Glendale Workplace Accidents

Workers’ compensation benefits are not the only form of recovery you could qualify for after a workplace accident in Glendale. If your employer or another party negligently caused your injuries or property damages, you may be able to file a civil claim as well. A civil claim could end in greater financial benefits than a workers’ compensation settlement alone. The civil justice system allows claimants to recover additional damage types depending on the circumstances:

  • Medical care
  • 100% of lost wages
  • Loss of the future capacity to earn
  • Disability costs
  • Physical pain
  • Emotional suffering
  • Property damages
  • Legal expenses
  • Punitive damages

California law prohibits you from claiming workers’ compensation and then filing a lawsuit against your employer. If you believe your employer is to blame for your injuries, speak to an attorney before accepting a workers’ comp settlement. If a third party (someone other than your employer) is at fault, however, you may be eligible for recovery through workers’ comp as well as the civil justice system. A Glendale workers’ compensation lawyer from Rose, Klein & Marias LLP can discuss your legal options in more detail.

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