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Encino Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Workplace accidents injure thousands of victims each year. Some workers will never be able to go back to work after their accidents due to permanent disabilities. Others do not survive their injuries. At Rose, Klein & Marias LLP, we care deeply about workers in Encino and throughout California. Our attorneys have helped injured victims fight for justice and compensation since 1936. If you have a serious injury from a work-related incident, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. A qualified Encino workers’ compensation lawyer from our firm may be able to help you bring a claim to damages.

Why Choose Rose, Klein & Marias LLP for Your Workers’ Comp Claim?

  • We make speaking to a lawyer convenient. We have 10 office locations and offer free initial consultations to meet with you and discuss your workers’ comp case at no risk.
  • We understand California’s workers’ compensation system. Our attorneys work not only to achieve positive results for clients but to improve the laws related to workers’ comp as a whole.
  • We practice exclusively in personal injury law and workers’ compensation to focus 100% of our energy, attention and resources on these types of cases.
  • We have successfully recovered more than $5 billion in settlements and jury verdicts for our past clients. Our attorneys personalize their efforts for maximum recovery.
  • We take Encino workers’ compensation claims on a contingency fee basis. We assist injured workers with their cases for no money down and no fees unless we win.

How Can an Encino Workers’ Comp Attorney Help?

Attempting to settle your workers’ compensation claim alone could expose you to issues and mistakes such as missing a deadline, failing to provide enough evidence, or accepting a lowball settlement offer. You might not understand the rules related to workers’ compensation claims in California or how to navigate them to your greatest advantage. When you hire an Encino workers’ compensation lawyer, however, you gain immediate access to the information and knowledge you need to make strategic, smart and sound decisions.

An attorney can help you work through the claims process in Encino, filling out confusing paperwork, and collecting evidence on your behalf. When it comes to insurance settlement negotiations, your lawyer can take over and fight for a just amount from your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer. If settlement negotiations fail – or if a negligence lawsuit would serve you better – your attorney can take your injury claim to court in pursuit of maximum compensation. You can focus on healing after you hire a lawyer to handle the claims process for you.

Encino Workers' Compensation Attorney

Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

The workers’ compensation settlement package you could receive after filing a claim may pay you and your loved ones for both past and future accident-related damages. The insurance company may offer a settlement to reimburse you for your medical expenses and any costs related to a temporary or permanent disability, including two-thirds of your average lost wages. Each case is unique; however, the California workers’ compensation program offers the same types of benefits to each client:

  • Past and future medical treatments
  • Counseling, therapy and rehabilitation
  • Temporary or permanent partial disability benefits
  • Temporary or permanent full disability benefits
  • Supplemental job displacement payment
  • Death benefits for financially dependent survivors

The benefit types you might receive depend on the type and nature of your injury. You may need a lawyer’s assistance in properly documenting your injury or disability, as well as obtaining the correct medical records. Your Encino workers’ compensation lawyer can provide all the evidence a workers’ compensation insurance company may need to offer a fair settlement. If a personal injury lawsuit could feasibly end in greater recovery than a workers’ comp claim, your lawyer can take your accident case to court in Encino instead.

Compensation for Workplace Accidents in California

Workplace accidents are common in California. Across the United States, 4,779 workers lost their lives in private industry accidents in 2018 alone. Some of the most common types of workplace accidents are transportation collisions, slip and fall accidents, ladder accidents, falling objects, electrocutions, caught-in equipment, and violent attacks. Most work-related injuries and illnesses are preventable with due care. They arise when an employer, coworker, product manufacturer or contractor is negligent.

If you have a reason to suspect another party’s negligence connected to you or a loved one’s recent workplace accident, contact an Encino workers’ compensation attorney from Rose, Klein & Marias LLP before settling your case through workers’ compensation insurance. Once you accept a settlement, you lose the option of bringing a claim against your employer. It is important to discuss all your options with a lawyer before making your decision.

It is also possible to be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits as well as a personal injury settlement in some cases. If a party other than your employer caused your injuries, you could file both a workers’ comp insurance claim and a third-party lawsuit in California. A third-party suit could result in damages you cannot receive through workers’ compensation insurance, such as 100% of your lost wages and an award for physical pain and emotional suffering. Recovering through both systems could maximize your compensatory award. A third party such as the City of Encino or a manufacturer must be responsible for causing your accident, however, to give you the right to bring a cause of action on top of workers’ compensation.

Request a Free Consultation With a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Encino, CA

At Rose, Klein & Marias LLP, we can help you identify whether a third party had something to do with you or a loved one’s recent workplace accident. A party such as a contractor, vendor, customer, property owner, product manufacturer, or the government could owe you compensation for negligently or intentionally causing your injury or illness. If so, we can help you bring your claim by California’s personal injury case deadline. Our attorneys have experience going up against all types of defendants during work injury cases.

If your case involves hazards such as toxic substances, a dangerous premises, slippery floors, violent coworkers, electrical energy, falling objects, or structural collapses, contact us for a free consultation. Your employer or another party could be liable for these injury risks. Your employer has a responsibility to maintain a safe work environment. Failure to do so could expose the company to liability for your accident. Even without another party’s negligence, you could be eligible for benefits through a workers’ compensation insurance claim. We can help you file your claim by the deadline and negotiate a fair settlement. Speak to our Encino workers’ compensation lawyers before you accept a settlement. Call (866) 679-7512 today.