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Severe burn injuries are extremely painful, and can lead to extensive scarring. The scarring from burns is often permanent and may require multiple surgeries. The disfigurement from burns can also lead to emotional trauma that may require therapy.

Kinds Of Treatment For Burn Injuries

While severe, there are a number of common causes for why burn injuries occur. Burns and severe scarring can result from electrical burns or chemical burns. Thermal burns as the result of scalding are common. And there are many instances of burns occurring due to explosions.

The kind of treatment for burn injuries is largely dependent on what kind of burn an individual suffers. Burn injuries include:

  • First degree: The least serious of burns, such burns may result in reddening and pain to the outer layer of the skin or epidermis. First-degree burns may be treated with creams or antibiotic ointments. As even these kinds of burns can result in severe pain, the need for pain medication may also be great.
  • Second degree: Such burns impact both the epidermis and the lower layer of skin or dermis. Such burns result in redness, pain, swelling, and possibly blistering. The chances of contracting an infection greatly increase as a result of these burns. The treatments for second-degree burns are often similar to those for first-degree burns. However, these burns often take much longer to heal than do first-degree burns.
  • Third degree: The most serious of burns, these burns affects the epidermis, dermis and the deeper tissues. The appearance of such burns includes blackened or charred skin. The treatment for such burns may last for a lifetime and are often extremely costly. Besides requiring multiple surgeries, it may be necessary for someone suffering such injuries to have to undergo skin grafts and a number of plastic and reconstructive surgeries. Third-degree burn victims may require an I.V. for the administration of antibiotics and fluids. In some instances, burns can result in the need for amputation of a limb. And such injuries can sometimes prove to be fatal.

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