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Do CA's "old" laws protect workers injured in "new" gig economy?

gig economy.jpegEven though California already has some of the most comprehensive worker protection laws, there is definitely room for improvement -- particularly when it comes to workers' compensation benefits (or lack thereof) for those injured while working in the new "gig" economy.

Are employers retaliating against immigrant workers who report work-related injuries?

deportation2.jpegAccording to a recent report by WBUR News, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents detained a 37-year-old injured construction worker when he went to meet with his employer to discuss potential injury benefits - benefits the employer was supposedly offering to help the worker's family while he was recovering from his injury.

Is workers' comp my only option following an on-the-job injury?

construction cartoon2.jpgSuffering a work-related injury can be devastating. In one fell swoop, you may be left unable to work and facing extensive medical treatment/rehabilitation. And, without a paycheck coming in, paying your bills is easier said than done.

Hurt at work? Denied the care you need? You are not alone.

work injury claim2.jpgIt's a scenario that all workers dread: suffering a serious on-the-job injury and being denied the care they need. While workers' comp is supposed to help these injured workers, the truth is that many are having their surgeries and other necessary procedures denied, despite their doctors' recommendations.

Are employers responsible for asbestos fibers that follow workers home?

laundry3.JPGAsbestos disease doesn't just happen at the worksite. If asbestos fibers follow the worker home - on clothing, tool belt or carseat - the worker's family members can get sick.

Don't undermine your Workers' Comp case via Facebook

We keep seeing examples of injured workers harming their workers' compensation claims by saying or posting the wrong things on social media --on Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Instagram, Twitter and other sites.fsh2.JPG

How are cumulative injuries compensated?

carpal4.JPGCalifornia Workers' Compensation law recognizes that not all injuries occur in a single moment, that some develop over time. These two kinds of injury are labeled specific (those that occur in a single action) and cumulative (those that build up over a continuous period).

"What Does NOT Constitute Harassment Or Discrimination?"

It is not unusual for unfair or degrading or unpleasant things to happen on the job. Many of us have hurtful experiences at the hands of supervisors, co-workers and customers. But not every slight in the workplace makes a good legal case.

Big Pharma's solution to workplace injury is often more pills

If you have been injured on the job, and are in pain, your doctor is likely to prescribe a painkiller. Chances are that painkiller will be an opioid - Fiorional, Tylenol or Empirin with codeine, hydrocodone, methadone, morphine, oxycodone, Demerol®, Vicodin®, Oxycontin®, Dilaudid, Percocet®, Percodan, Norco or another opioid.

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