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Ontario Car Accident Attorneys

Car accidents are unfortunately common in California. Driver negligence, poorly maintained roadways, and vehicle defects are only some of the factors that can contribute to these collisions. If you are involved in an Ontario car accident, the lawyers at Rose, Klein & Marias, LLP can help.

Our firm represents injured car accident victims and holds negligent parties accountable for their actions. Whether you are filing an insurance claim or lawsuit, our Ontario car accident lawyers will advocate aggressively for your maximum compensation.

Why Choose Us for Your Car Accident Claim

  • For over 80 years, our firm has represented injured people in all types of accident claims, including motor vehicle collisions.
  • We are dedicated to achieving the highest possible settlement in your case. In fact, our lawyers have recovered over $5 billion on behalf of our clients.
  • Our firm understands the financial hardship that car accident victims face. We take all cases on a contingency basis—if we do not win your case, you will not be charged legal fees.

California Car Accident Statistics

The California Highway Patrol collects data on car crashes every year on the Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS). The Transportation Injury Mapping System (TIMS) is a free tool developed by UC Berkeley to access and query SWITRS data.

According to TIMS, approximately 147,292 motor vehicle collisions occurred in California in 2020. On average, an estimated 253,154 injuries and fatalities occur due to California car accidents each year.

In Ontario alone, 548 car accidents occurred in 2020. Of these statewide collisions, 3,914 people died and 15,397 people suffered from serious injuries. An additional 118,725 people suffered from other degrees of injuries, including minor and non-incapacitating damage.

Compensation Available to Ontario Car Accident Victims

If you are injured in an Ontario car accident, you are eligible to pursue an insurance claim or lawsuit against the driver responsible for your collision. California is a fault insurance state, meaning that drivers whose actions cause accidents must pay for their victims’ damages.

Through your claim, you can recover compensation for the economic and non-economic damages that you sustained. Economic damages involve financial losses, while non-economic damages refer to pain and suffering.

The following are examples of damages available in Ontario car accident claims.

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Loss of future earnings
  • Disability accommodations
  • Chronic pain
  • Permanent disability
  • Emotional distress
  • Depression
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Loss of quality of life

Why You Need a Car Accident Attorney

A car accident claim may seem simple, but these cases can quickly become complex. You may encounter issues identifying the liable party or struggle to find time to complete required paperwork. It can be difficult to collect evidence or craft a compelling case without the knowledge and resources of an attorney.

Hiring an Ontario car accident lawyer can provide many benefits to your case, from access to expert witnesses and investigatory resources to having an advocate to handle negotiations on your behalf. As soon as possible following your accident, consult with a lawyer who can represent your insurance claim or lawsuit.

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If you are injured in an Ontario car accident, the lawyers at Rose, Klein & Marias, LLP can help. We can guide you through the claims process and fight for your right to maximum compensation. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and strategize your next steps with an Ontario car accident lawyer.