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Experience counts in a wrongful death claim

Posted on October 15, 2014 in Wrongful Death


When a loved one dies as a result of another person’s recklessness, misconduct or negligence, we most likely want to feel that justice will be done and compensation will be provided to address the financial costs of the person’s loss.

Our law firm has handled wrongful death claims in Los Angeles County since 1936. Because of our experience in such cases, our Los Angeles wrongful death lawyers can assist families who lose loved ones from tragic accidents, elder abuse, premises liability accidents and dog bites. If negligence was a contributing factor to someone’s death, then a wrongful death lawsuit should be considered.

Although we cannot bring back the life lost, we can seek compensation to allow surviving family members to start life over after their great loss. Calculating damages needed by survivors is not easy. For example, if the deceased was the main source of income for a household, then lost wages and other potential losses can be a substantial part of the damages sought from the responsible party.

There are challenges to prosecuting a wrongful death lawsuit. First, as the plaintiff, you will be required to prove the defendant or responsible party was negligent. Second, you will have to persuade the jury that you are entitled to the amount of damages you seek. Insurance companies and other defendants may present their own evidence; you will have to identify the flaws in their evidence and explain them to the jury.

A wrongful death lawsuit is an option that should be seriously considered by those who have lost a family member in an accident. To learn more about your rights, you may wish to visit our website.