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California workers could benefit from proposed “wage theft” bill

Posted on June 5, 2015 in Firm News

Many California workers are affected by wage and hour issues, specifically, issues concerning unpaid overtime, minimum wage issues, and unpaid rest breaks. It is a complicated, stressful situation to be involved in, and you may not be sure of your rights or what you can do to collect unpaid wages that are rightfully owed to you.

The California state Senate approved a proposal this month that could benefit employees in situations involving wage theft, or issues concerning labor law violations and unpaid wages. If the bill (SB588) becomes law, the labor commissioner will be able to file a lien on an employer’s property to collect unpaid wages for the workers.

“Wage theft” or issues concerning unpaid wages are all too common. Unfortunately, California employers often try to cut corners and push productivity. In turn, employees are often forced to take unpaid breaks and unpaid overtime. If SB588 continues to advance, California workers could see favorable changes.

If you are experiencing issues involving unpaid wages at work, including unpaid overtime, unpaid breaks and unpaid meals, or are getting paid less than minimum wage, you may need help from a professional who understands the law and your rights as an employee.

It is important to remember that California workers are protected by state labor laws. Labor laws are established to help make sure that workers are paid the wages they are owed. If your employer violates labor laws, you may be able to file a claim.

The lawyers at Rose, Klein & Marias, LLP, have significant experience working with California workers. We understand exactly what those facing wage/hour disputes are worried about and are well versed in the law. Working with a knowledgeable legal advocate can help you move forward and collect the unpaid wages you are owed.