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Why was your workers’ comp claim denied?

Posted on February 27, 2017 in Workers' Compensation

While some employers go to great lengths to make sure their employees are taken care of following workplace injuries, many other employers sadly don’t seem to care at all.

In fact, some businesses are simply more concerned with their bottom line than the well-being of their workers – meaning they may not be very helpful if you are injured on-the-job and subsequently seek workers’ compensation benefits. In some instances, they may even attempt to throw various obstacles in your path and make accusations detrimental to your claim, including:

  • You filed your workers’ comp claim too late
  • Your injury didn’t actually occur at work
  • You already had the injury before you started working for us
  • Your injury isn’t serious

However, even if your employer isn’t interested that you were hurt while working for them, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a claim. Therefore, you cannot afford to be scared away from filing a workers’ compensation claim, even if your boss claims your injury isn’t serious.

Coming back strong

So regardless of the severity of your injury – whether it is a head/brain injury, a wrist fracture or anything in between – our message to you is clear: hang in there. Even if your claim has already been denied, you can file an appeal and obtain the compensation you deserve. And the best way to come back strong is with the help of an assertive workers’ comp lawyer.

Rose, Klein & Marias LLP is a workers’ comp powerhouse in Southern California, with 18 talented workers’ comp lawyers, serving every part of the region. Our job is to persevere and to remove obstacles placed in your path.

If you have been denied, don’t give up. We will work with you to present your medical and other information in a way that they cannot refuse.