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What treatment is necessary after a brain injury?

Posted on October 21, 2015 in Brain Injury

It is easy to take one’s health for granted when things are going well. A sudden injury or illness can change all of that for Los Angeles residents, with monumental impacts in a person’s everyday life.

Perhaps no other serious injury exemplifies this more than a brain injury, which can impact virtually every area of a person’s life. Last week, this blog discussed the unfortunate reality that brain injuries are being caused by multiple concussions suffered in football games. This blog also recently discussed how car accidents can cause brain injuries because of the severity and speed of the impact.

No matter how the injury is suffered, it can result in months, years or even a lifetime of treatment. The type of treatment involved will typically depend on the degree of severity of the brain injury.

For example, mild traumatic brain injuries can be treated through rest or over-the-counter medication when headaches occur. This is not true when it comes to moderate or severe injuries, which typically require emergency care to ensure there is an adequate amount of blood and oxygen occurring, and that further injury is prevented to the extent possible.

Surgery may also be necessary in some cases, such as when clotted blood must be removed after there is bleeding outside or within the brain. Surgery might also be necessary to repair skull fractures, or to open a window in the skull in order to relieve built up pressure in the skull.

A number of medications may also be prescribed, including anti-seizure medication because of the risk of seizures after a traumatic brain injury. In other cases, diuretics may be administered in order to reduce the amount of fluid in a person’s tissues.

Individuals often must undergo rehabilitation as well, which can include relearning basic activities like walking or talking. A team of specialists may be involved to help the person recover in many different areas that were impacted by the injury. Given these different areas and the different steps that are needed to treat the injured person, there is no question the after effects of a brain injury can be challenging.

In the event your traumatic brain injury was caused by a negligent party, you may be entitled to compensation. Speak with an experienced brain injury attorney in Los Angeles to learn more.

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