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Posted on November 14, 2014 in Workers' Compensation


In some California business and industries, workers are exposed to workplace hazards, whether from machinery, the materials used in manufacturing processes or places that have environmental hazards, such as dust or fumes. Working in such high-risk industries often means workers have a higher chance of being injured on the job or acquiring a work-related illness. In such cases, workers may need medical attention and time to recover, forcing them away from the job until they can return in good health. This often means financial problems for the worker. Fortunately, workers’ compensation claims allow injured workers to obtain benefits to help with recovery.

A workers’ compensation claim may not be as easy to file as it seems. Our law firm has been handling workers’ compensation claim for decades, and we have seen many legitimate claims denied. If a claim is not properly handled, the Workers’ Compensation Commission will deny it, leaving the injured worker responsible for paying medical expenses. We understand the challenges faced by injured workers. And, because we have handled so many workers’ compensation claims over the years, we know how the system works. We help injured workers obtain the most compensation possible to help pay medical expenses and related losses.

We can investigate the cause of a worker’s injuries, whether that comes from workplace conditions or the actions of other workers or employers. If third parties are involved in your injuries, you may be entitled not only to a workers’ compensation claim but also to civil damages from those third parties.

If you are having trouble filing a workers’ compensation claim, then consider how our firm could help. For basic information, our law firm’s website contains tips for dealing with your unique case as well as many others.