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Wal-Mart announces recall of thousands of defective dolls

Posted on April 9, 2014 in Products Liability

Nothing brings joy, especially at Christmas time, to children more than toys, especially those that are battery operated. Unfortunately, the holiday season also brings about an annual glut of toys on the market that may cause injuries, simply because they were released without their design defects being fixed first.

California parents may be particularly concerned by a product that has been sold by Wal-Mart since 2012, which is now being recalled in the thousands. The My Sweet Love Doll and My Sweet Baby Cuddle Care Baby Doll were sold exclusively by the giant retailer.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the battery-powered doll has an electronic circuit board in its chest that can overheat and cause the surface to become hot enough to burn flesh. Out of 12 incidents reported to Wal-Mart, two included burns and blisters to thumbs.

Owners are advised to remove the batteries from the dolls and return them to any Wal-Mart store for a full refund. The retailer is recalling 174,000 dolls.

Unfortunately, some toymakers either fail to foresee or decide to ignore potential harm from their products. Products intended for children should always undergo stringent product testing before marketing and anticipate how children, who may not be aware of the safety risks, will use the products. Manufacturers also are liable if they fail to warn consumers about safety risks or issue a safety recall, if necessary.

Injuries caused by defective products can be serious. In addition to emotional trauma, injuries to victims can come with substantial medical expenses.

If a faulty product results in serious injuries and the victim needs medical attention, then the victim can file a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer and seek compensation that not only covers medical costs, but also provides damages for pain and suffering. Consult a legal professional for expert help.

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