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Toddler in LA miraculously survives deadly car accident

Posted on November 30, 2012 in Car Accidents

A two-year-old child was recently rescued from a deadly car crash on a Los Angeles freeway. The collision killed the driver and severely damaged the vehicle itself.

The car accident occurred when the vehicle slammed into a pole due to causes that are as of yet unclear. The damage to the vehicle was so severe that the Fire Department spent over an hour cutting the vehicle open to get to the driver, who was pronounced dead at the scene. The boy’s relationship to the driver was not revealed by police. The child, who was found properly restrained in the car, was taken to the hospital in fair condition. Several lanes of the highway were shut down by the California Highway Patrol, causing slow traffic.

Auto accidents frequently have serious consequences for all involved, regardless of whether the driver was intoxicated or distracted, or, rather, whether there were bad weather conditions or faulty vehicle parts.

In this particular case, the driver was likely killed on impact due to whatever caused the accident. Miraculously, the two-year old boy not only lived, but did not suffer any serious injuries as a result. However, the boy’s story is the exception, not the rule, in severe car crashes.

Car accidents leave a tremendous emotional and financial toll on the families of the victims. Even when a victim survives, the families must deal with the costs of repairing the vehicle itself, the pain and suffering involved, the medical bills, lost wages and any permanent or temporary disabilities. This is all in addition to the great emotional and psychological trauma experienced when the accident involves losing a family member.

Any family member or loved one of a victim of a fatal car accident may be entitled to monetary compensation from both the other driver and the driver’s insurance company. In the state of California, families are entitled to monetary damages for ongoing medical care, disabilities and lost wages. Anyone who has lost a loved one to a fatal car crash has the ability and the right to seek just compensation.

Source: The Sacramento Bee, “Boy, 2, Survives L.A. Freeway Crash that Mangled Car,” Nov. 18, 2012.