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Suspected drunk driver grabs a beer after fatal car crash

Posted on December 27, 2013 in Car Accidents


For some individuals, having a drink can calm the nerves, especially after a particularly stressful day. But sometimes doing so can lead to a terrible accident that leaves others injured or dead. According to reports, one such accident may have occurred where a California man allegedly purchased beer and drank it immediately after being involved in a fatal car crash.

The auto accident occurred in Tarzana when the suspect caused a seven-vehicle pileup after his car struck the rear of another vehicle. An occupant of one of the vehicles, a woman in her 60s, died on impact. Occupants of the other vehicles did not sustain serious injuries, but did complain of back and neck pains.

According to witnesses, minutes after the accident, the suspected drunk driver went to a convenience store and bought a six pack of beer. The man then drank the beer while police arrived. The suspect was later taken into custody. The accident remains under investigation.

It is important to know when someone has had enough alcohol. Those who have trouble with determining their limit must refrain from getting behind the wheel, especially because of the dangers posed by drunken driving. These intoxicated individuals should stay in a safe and secure place to sober up. These people can choose to have a family member or friend act as a designated driver or call a cab so they can reach their intended destination safely. Failing to do so can be a deadly mistake that can leave a family reeling.

An intoxicated Los Angeles resident should never choose to get behind the wheel. Doing so can be considered a crime and can cause an accident, personal injuries and even fatalities. A victim of a drunk driver’s negligence can choose to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit to hold the driver liable. A successful lawsuit may entitle the victim or his surviving family to compensation for accident-related damages.

Source: ABC News, “California DUI Suspect Held in Deadly 7-Car Crash,” December 17, 2013