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Rock star claims texting driver caused whiplash

Posted on August 9, 2012 in Car Accidents

A recent car crash involving classic rock legend Peter Frampton illustrates the danger that distracted drivers can pose in Los Angeles. According to a series of tweets he sent after the incident, Frampton was driving on U.S. Highway 101 last month when his car was rear-ended by another driver. According to Frampton, the driver of that car was texting when she crashed into his, and he claimed that he experienced whiplash as a result of the car accident. Frampton went to the hospital to get his back and neck checked out, and says he will go ahead with a planned tour.

For those involved in car accidents, whiplash is a very serious problem. It occurs when the head snaps back and forth during an accident. Symptoms include dizziness, neck and back pain, headaches and loss of balance. In addition to physical injuries, victims of whiplash can also suffer mental injuries such as memory loss and difficulty of concentration. These symptoms usually are not immediately apparent, but instead manifest themselves over the course of the next few days after the accident.

Whiplash can be treated by immobilizing the neck through a brace or another kind of restraint, physical therapy, muscle relaxants, massage therapy, and a Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan. Cervical traction and surgery may be necessary in cases where the whiplash has caused severe muscle damage. Recovery from whiplash typically takes anywhere from two or three weeks to three months, although in rare, severe cases it can take over a year. If left untreated, injuries resulting from whiplash can result in chronic back pain or further neck and back injuries.

For victims of whiplash from car accidents, there are legal remedies available. Victims are entitled to compensation for any injuries incurred as a result of the accident. They are also entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and other expenses stemming from the accident.

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