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Recalls highlight unsafe products that were sold nationwide

Posted on August 1, 2014 in Products Liability

No one wants to use a defective product as it may cause an accident or even endanger a life. While some companies make headlines with high profile recalls, many consumers in Los Angeles County, California, may be surprised to learn the sheer number of products that are recalled every week. Products liability cases may arise if these unsafe products cause harm to consumers, resulting in injuries or fatalities.

Readers are advised to brush up on the latest product recalls and determine if they own any defective products and, if so, what steps to take to fix or replace the item. A recent report provided a number of details about some recently announced recalls. First on the list are GT mountain bikes manufactured by the Cycling Sports Group. The recall includes 2014 GT Fury Team and 2014 GT Fury Expert models sold in the US and Canada between February and June of 2014. According to the recall, the wheel hubs can malfunction, leading to braking failures, which could cause crashes and injuries. A product recall was also announced for patio sets by Nantucket Distributing. The Resin Wicker Outdoor Patio Set Chairs’ rear legs can break, which presents a risk of falling. The furniture was sold in March of this year. Additionally, several USB car chargers and adapters made by Popkiller have been recalled. The chargers, which were on the market between June of 2013 and April of 2014, pose electric shock and fire hazards. Other product recalls were recently issued for Bollinger Fitness resistance bands, Halco LED bulbs and Panadol pain relief caplets.

Consumers should follow a manufacturer’s instructions to return or repair products that are deemed unsafe or defective.

If the use of a certain product resulted in injury, a product liability claim may be an option. Such a claim could allow an injured person to receive awards and damages for medical expenses and other related losses.

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