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Pursuing responsible third parties in workplace accidents

Posted on February 19, 2015 in Workers' Compensation


Workplace accidents in Los Angeles County can result in temporary and even permanent injuries to an employee. When an employee sustains work-related injuries in California, they have the right to recover benefits through a workers’ compensation claim.

The law firm of Rose, Klein & Marias, LLP has extensive experience in handling workers’ compensation claims. We have helped injured workers obtain compensation for surgery, physical therapy, testing, medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, lost wages, reconstructive surgery, and temporary and permanent disability benefits. We have helped family members of workers killed on the job recover benefits for lost support. All of these can be sought in a workers’ compensation claim. However, workers need to file a claim as soon as possible after they have sustained work-related injuries. Failure to do so could result in a claim denial due to strict deadlines. When potential clients employ us to handle their claims, they can focus on recovery while we do everything we can to ensure they will obtain fair and just compensation for their injuries.

Workplace accident cases can be simple or complex. Some workplace accidents are resolved soon after filing a workers’ compensation claim while many others result in litigation over benefits or even a personal injury lawsuit due to the involvement of third parties. We help injured parties recover workers’ compensation benefits and, whenever possible, additional awards from responsible third parties.

Having experienced legal representation can make a big difference in a workers’ compensation claim and in a third party lawsuit. Los Angeles readers who would like to learn more about our workers’ compensation practice are invited to visit our law firm’s website.