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Man dies in California crash after van rolls into roadside ditch

Posted on May 2, 2014 in Wrongful Death


Vehicular accidents can happen in Los Angeles, California, at anytime and anywhere. Unfortunately, when an auto crash occurs, the repercussions can be severe, causing extensive property damage as well as serious or even fatal injuries.

A recent early morning accident near Los Angeles left an unidentified man dead after the van he was riding in crashed and tumbled into a drainage ditch flanking a local highway. The van was carrying 10 truck driving school students and had to brake quickly and hard when it approached slower moving highway traffic. The van swerved to the right as it braked, causing the driver to lose control. The van skidded off the road and hit a tree. This impact caused the vehicle to roll over 360 degrees while falling nearly 20 feet into a drainage ditch.

One middle-aged male passenger died at the scene of the crash after he suffered head injuries. Three adult passengers were seriously injured with a broken leg, head trauma and internal organ injuries and were transported to a local hospital. Six occupants were reportedly transported from the scene with minor injuries and bruises. At the time of the report, the investigation was still ongoing.

All drivers are responsible for the safety of passengers and other people on the road. Injuries or death from accidents come with great emotional pain as well as significant financial costs, such as medical expenses, lost wages and even funeral expenses.

If death results, a victim’s family may choose to file a wrongful death claim against a negligent driver in an effort to recover compensation. A legal professional can help establish who may be responsible for the accident and help compute the fair and full amount of compensation the victim’s family deserves.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “One killed as van carrying trucking students rolls over off 10 Freeway,” Christine Mai-Duc, April 17, 2014