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Los Angeles traffic worst in nation according to new study

Posted on December 2, 2015 in Car Accidents


With the Christmas shopping season underway, there are bound to be even more Los Angeles residents taking to the roads to buy gifts for their loved ones. According to a new study, however, Los Angeles already takes the crown as one of the worst traffic locations around the nation even without the assistance of these additional drivers on the road.

The study, released by the American Highway Users Alliance, found that certain areas in the Los Angeles area have many more bottlenecks in traffic than the other 50 cities studied. The crawling or stopped traffic that was studied cost millions of hours in delay to those affected, as well as hundreds of millions of dollars in annual expenses. Moreover, the report cautioned that the bottlenecks could take an even bigger toll if they were not fixed.

Of course, the high volume of traffic not only leads to more delays and expenses, but a number of auto accidents as well. Contained within the mass of drivers are distracted drivers and those who fail to follow the rules of the road, who cause accidents and resulting injuries to others.

In a personal injury action, the injured person typically must prove that the other motorist acted negligently, and that the injuries were caused by that negligence. The amount of traffic on the road at the time generally is not an excuse for the person’s poor driving, although all circumstances are examined to determine how the accident occurred and who was at fault, including both the defendant and the injured person, as well as any third parties or other potential causes.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, “Study: LA clogs list of worst bottlenecks nationwide,” Nov. 23, 2015