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Rose, Klein & Marias LLP Wins Highest Workers’ Compensation Settlement in California

Posted on April 1, 2021 in Workers' Compensation

This year, Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorney Harry Samarghachian, a partner with Rose Klein & Marias, secured a settlement of $11.3 million for his client who suffered a catastrophic traumatic brain injury. This marked California’s largest workers’ compensation settlement in history.

What Happened in the Case?

Our client worked as a nanny in Los Angeles. She joined her employers during a ski trip to Colorado to take care of their five-year-old son. On February 25, 2018, she was riding in her employer’s Kia Sportage when a bus struck the car on the driver’s side. According to the Colorado State Patrol’s final accident report, her employer ran a stop sign at Highway 82 and Smith Way and was likely using his cell phone. His car pulled out in front of a Roaring Fork Transportation Authority bus that was already driving on the road at 52 mph and would not have had enough time to react. The report did not find any external causes for the accident, such as obvious vehicle defects, or road and weather conditions. Our client was sitting in the front passenger seat, and she was found unconscious at the scene. She suffered serious injuries, including a catastrophic traumatic brain injury. 

At 29 years old, the accident left her with life-altering consequences. She is now forced to rely on a wheelchair and round-the-clock care for the rest of her life. She lost her freedom, her independence, and aspects of herself – all while on the job. And yet, initially, the insurance company denied responsibility for her claim altogether.

That’s when Mr. Samarghachian stepped in. Mr. Samarghachian, who started as an associate with our firm in 1998, brought his experience, our firm’s resources, and the experts necessary to prove the insurance company’s liability in his client’s case. He proved that her accident injuries occurred while she was working as a nanny, and therefore, she was eligible for workers’ compensation. 

The Settlement

The insurance company ultimately agreed to settle with Mr. Samarghachian for $11.3 million. This amount would cover both his client’s medical care up to this date as well as all of her future needs. The compensation would give her financial support for the rest of her life and ensure that she received the best level of care and treatment for her injuries.

Fighting for Our Clients

Our firm has recovered over five billion dollars for our clients, including a previous workers’ compensation award of $5.3 million for a construction worker who suffered severe spinal injuries resulting in paralysis. Mr. Samarghachian’s record-breaking settlement is a reminder of what is possible when you are willing to fight, and your attorney is committed to fighting with you. Our client wasn’t responsible for her injuries – she was the passenger of the vehicle being driven by her employer. She could not have done anything to prevent her accident injuries, but we believe she deserves a voice in her recovery and in her future. Our firm has served injured clients since 1936, and we will continue to fight for you and what you need and deserve.