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Inglewood family files lawsuit over I-5 truck and bus crash

Posted on June 4, 2014 in Wrongful Death


A sad fact of life is that tragedy can strike at any time. Whether it is from an unfortunate accident or an act of negligence, it makes no difference to a victim. But it often matters to surviving family members.

The family of an 18-year-old Inglewood high school student who died in a bus crash April 10 has now filed a wrongful death lawsuit against several parties, seeking compensation and damages for its loss. The student was riding in a charter bus with more than 40 other students and several adult chaperones on their way to look at Humboldt State University when the bus was hit head-on by a FedEx truck on Interstate 5 in Orland. Ten people died, some in the crash itself and some in the resulting fire that burned through both vehicles for hours. The Inglewood boy died while trying to save the lives of other passengers, according to the lawsuit. The National Transportation Safety Board is expected to offer a full report on the accident later this year.

The action names several defendants, including FedEx, the FedEx driver, the FedEx truck manufacturer, the bus charter company and the bus’s manufacturer. According to the family’s attorney, the family hopes the lawsuit will shed light on potential defects in the truck, the truck driver’s actions and insufficient safety features on the bus. Six other lawsuits have thus far been filed in connection with the accident.

In a fatal accident, family members of a victim can choose to pursue legal remedies to help them cope with their loss as well as avoid financial difficulties. A wrongful death lawsuit is one such possible remedy. It can result in a monetary award to help a family cover medical expenses, funeral costs, lost income and other damages.

Source: CBS Local, “Teen’s Family Files Wrongful Death Suit Against Companies Involved In Orland Bus Crash,” May 20, 2014