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Hotel death in Los Angeles brings wrongful death suit

Posted on July 19, 2012 in Wrongful Death

When staying in a hotel, one expects to feel safe and sound. No chores, no responsibilities, no problems. While this is normally the case, there are times when these overnight adventures are not picture perfect. For one couple, their stay turned deadly.

While staying at a hotel in Los Angeles, a man’s wife was murdered. The couple had traveled to the city to audition for one of America’s favorite T.V. shows, “America’s Got Talent.” Unfortunately, their trip did not end as they had hoped, as her dead body was found in the stairwell. In connection with this tragic incident, the victim’s husband has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the hotel.

According to court documents, security at the hotel failed to caution guests about safety and security issues connected to the remodeling work that was being done on two floors.

The court documents also reported that hotel security knew that certain third parties were entering the hotel. These uninvited visitors had committed crimes such as assault with deadly weapons and thefts in the past, but security did not take efforts to keep their guests safe.

According to the complaint, a brick was used to prop open a door that led to the hotel; this door was used to follow guests into their rooms. It was obvious which floors were being remodeled, as they were littered with unsanitary objects.

The lawsuit itself claims that the woman was murdered while her husband was sleeping on a couch in their hotel room. It also alleges that one of the uninvited third parties, or homeless people, committed the crime.

When her body was found, her pants were inside out and her top had been taken off. Her jewelry was missing, too. While it was determined that she had cuts and blunt force injuries to her head, security at the hotel still told police they did not suspect foul play.

Finally, the lawsuit maintains that the hotel demolished evidence to cover up the murder.

In a situation where negligence causes the murder of a loved one, it is likely friends and family will be unforgiving. Understandably, these individuals need some sort of closure, and a wrongful death suit may help. While nothing will bring back the life of the one they lost, making the negligent party pay for their mistakes is a step in the right direction.

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