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Helping clients along the road to recovery in brain injury cases

Posted on March 12, 2015 in Brain Injury

Every year, thousands of Americans suffer head trauma that leads to disrupted or impaired brain function. Cognitive symptoms of brain injury include confusion, disorientation, loss of consciousness and impaired memory. Physical symptoms are often similar to other illnesses but can include bruising, stiffness, nausea and vomiting. Sometimes brain damage may go undetected because the physical symptoms do not manifest themselves immediately. Complications such as paralysis and behavioral changes are other potential complications.

The Los Angeles brain injury attorneys at our Southern California personal injury law firm are familiar with the effects of brain injuries on people’s lives, how they occur, and the challenges they produce. Traumatic brain injuries can result from car and workplace accidents and incidents of medical malpractice, among other causes. Because brain damage can profoundly alter a person’s life, simple head injuries should be immediately assessed. No two cases of brain injury are alike. TBIs cannot be treated with the sort of therapies to which other injuries respond.

Victims of serious brain injury often experience permanent disability that affects their ability to speak, perform daily tasks and hold a job. This usually creates financial difficulties in addition to the emotional challenges for patients and their families. Our legal team understands these issues, especially the desire of patients to remain financially solvent while seeking full recovery.

Our firm has considerable experience in dealing with brain injury cases. We work to help TBI victims find financial health so they have the proper medical and rehabilitative care that will ensure their recovery. We work with experts to calculate the long-term costs and anticipated economic losses inflicted on victims so they can get all of the compensation they need. The road to recovery may be difficult, but our legal help can assist victims along their way.