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Fifty-eight-year-old Los Angeles man killed on freeway

Posted on June 19, 2014 in Wrongful Death


The roadways are often the stage for tragedy. Serious and even fatal collision could occur at anytime, especially during times of increased traffic. Even a slight negligent act by a driver could result in a collision, causing numerous victims and their loved ones to suffer.

According to the California State Highway Patrol, a Los Angeles resident was killed in an auto crash early one recent morning when the victim was struck and killed by a pickup truck while he was standing outside his disabled vehicle. Police officers travelling along the same freeway reported the man was standing outside his car, signaling approaching motorists in an effort to draw their attention. By the time the officers had turned around to help the motorist, the accident had already occurred.

The pickup truck driver who allegedly struck the victim has been identified as a 38-year-old Los Angeles resident and was arrested after failing to provide appropriate identification. More details regarding any further charges are unknown. The state highway patrol closed all northbound lanes of the freeway temporarily while they investigated the accident. The victim of the auto crash was identified as a 57-year-old man from Bell Gardens. According to investigators, he may have been traveling home from work when the fatal incident occurred.

In such cases, the defendant may be primarily tried by the state judiciary in criminal court. In addition to facing criminal penalties, the driver could also endure civil liabilities. The victim’s family can choose to initiate a wrongful death suit against the defendant in civil court. The evidence used to establish the civil case can be similar to that used in criminal court, although the standard of proof is lower in civil cases.

Pecuniary damages are usually awarded to a plaintiff in successful wrongful death suits. However, most states disallow the jury from awarding punitive damages. An experienced personal injury attorney in trying cases in Southern California court can build a successful suit by gathering the appropriate evidence and establishing negligence as an element of the incident. This could help the loved ones recover compensation for their losses and damages caused by the negligent driver.