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Family trip turns fatal when brothers are killed in car accident

Posted on April 12, 2013 in Car Accidents

A family trip by three brothers living in East Los Angeles to visit their dying father in Denver turned fatal when they were killed in a car accident. Only one brother from the family survived; the oldest son, who had not forgiven their father for abandoning them as children. The fatal car crash occurred in Nevada, as the brothers were returning home from Denver.

It is alleged that the teenage driver of a Dodge Durango slammed into the family’s van, causing it to spin, flip over, and roll off of the road, ejecting five people in the process. In addition to the three brothers who were killed, one of the brother’s wives and another’s step-daughter were killed. One of the brothers’ girlfriends and her son were in critical condition, with the son requiring the amputation of a leg. The 18-year old driver of the Dodge was discovered to be under the influence of alcohol, and had empty beer bottles in the car. He and a 23-year old passenger were treated for minor injuries. The teenage driver is currently in custody for killing five people while driving under the influence.

This case shows the potential for devastating consequences stemming from car accidents, especially those caused by intoxicated drivers. Three brothers and two other family members were killed due to the alleged actions of one irresponsible driver. The fact that the brothers were visiting their dying father makes the case even more tragic.

In addition to the tragic personal element, there is also the issue of property damage. Car accidents, especially severe ones, can cost thousands or even millions of dollars in damage to automobiles and to other personal property. Car crashes have the potential to not only destroy lives, but also destroy the finances of victims.

Fortunately, anyone impacted by a car accident has the right to seek a legal remedy. He or she may seek a personal injury judgment against the defendant, and be awarded monetary damages by the court. He or she may also seek monetary compensation from the insurance company for lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, and other expenses. The victim need not endure poverty due to the defendant’s recklessness.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “In an instant, deadly car crash reshapes family forever,” Ruben Vives, Joseph Serna & Joe Mozingo, April 2, 2013.