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Escondido bicyclist killed in apparent hit-and-run accident

Posted on July 12, 2012 in Car Accidents

Riding bicycles on tricky Southern California roads can be tricky. When bicyclists ride late at night, the situation is compounded: Poor visibility and potentially sleep-deprived or impaired drivers can make riding a dangerous situation. Last week, a teenager was killed in Rancho Santa Fe, California, when he was apparently hit by a car while riding his bike home from his grocery store job.

While the reasons behind the car accident are not yet known, the circumstances remain murky as well. There were no apparent witnesses to the hit-and-run crash and there was not much evidence left at the scene either. A police officer found the body of the teenager, along with his mountain bike, in some shrubs by the roadside in the early morning hours last Friday. According to authorities, the 18-year-old’s bike didn’t have lights on it, but the teen was clothed in a reflective vest.

The California Highway Patrol says that the incident has the earmarks of a hit-and-run accident. Unfortunately for investigators, the driver fled the scene after the young man was struck down. Authorities didn’t have any information about what kind of vehicle might have been involved or a description of the driver. They were continuing to reach out to the public in the hope that someone might have valuable information to relay to investigators.

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