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Dealing With Chronic Pain After a Car Accident

Posted on April 25, 2024 in Car Accidents

Car accidents are a leading cause of serious injuries such as broken bones, back and spine injuries, whiplash, and soft-tissue damage. Many of these injuries can cause chronic (long-lasting) or recurring pain. Dealing with chronic pain after a car accident can be physically, mentally and emotionally draining. However, there are steps you can take to help manage chronic pain more effectively.

Chronic pain after a car accident

Work With Pain Specialists

Do not be afraid to share your feelings and concerns with your doctor. Chronic pain can be a difficult subject to broach, as it is an invisible injury. However, it can affect your life just as drastically as a physical injury. It is important to speak up for yourself and be your own health advocate as someone struggling with chronic pain.

You could benefit from an individualized treatment plan created by professionals such as pain specialists. Talk to your doctor about a referral to a pain clinic, where diagnostic tests can be done to evaluate your condition and determine the best treatment options for you. Available treatments may include pain medication, heat and ice treatments, injections, and physical therapy.

Follow Your Doctor’s Treatment Plan 

Chronic pain is tricky. No two patients have the exact same experience. If injections, muscle relaxers and pain medication do not work for you, for example, you may try holistic solutions, such as physical therapy, massages and acupuncture. 

In other cases, your chronic pain may respond better to more intensive treatment, such as surgery. Effectively managing your chronic pain may take some trial and error with different treatments. Try to be patient and cooperate with your doctor to discover which treatments work best for you. 

Learn Your Triggers 

For many patients, chronic pain is not static. It can unexpectedly escalate and become disabling before receding into the background. For some people, episodes of more significant chronic pain are caused by triggers, such as stress, periods of inactivity or lack of sleep. 

Keep a journal of how you feel day-to-day to identify your triggers. Then, prioritize building a routine that avoids these triggers. This may include keeping up with regular exercise and activity, a healthy diet and lifestyle, and stress management techniques.

Practice Self-Care

Relaxation techniques can be just as effective at managing chronic pain after a car accident as professional medical care. Learning how to self-regulate and deescalate stressful situations can help you avoid pain flare-ups.

Integrate relaxation and self-care habits into your routine, such as meditation, yoga, deep breathing exercises, journaling and mindfulness. This can improve your overall well-being and prevent triggers that can exacerbate pain.

Get Support 

It is essential to address the mental and emotional effects of dealing with chronic pain. Take care of your mental health by getting support. Talk to trusted friends and family members about your experience, and consider speaking to a therapist or counselor to help you cope with the emotional impact of living with chronic pain.

Speaking with a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles can ensure treatments for chronic pain are covered under a settlement. Your lawyer can help build your case toward recovering compensation based on your chronic suffering.

You can also join a support group to connect with others like you. They can provide valuable support and empathy for what you are going through. Dealing with chronic pain after a car accident can feel like a never-ending battle. With patience and perseverance, however, you can learn how to manage your chronic pain in a way that minimizes its impact on your life.