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County will pay out $3 million as a result of motorcycle wreck

Posted on January 4, 2012 in Car Accidents

Injuries from a 2007 motorcycle accident have led to a nearly $3 million settlement to a woman who claimed the road she wrecked on was dangerous and improperly maintained. San Bernardino County, California, will pay nearly $2 million toward the woman’s medical bills plus another $1 million that will be paid to her in the form of an annuity over the next 25 years.

The woman’s suit came about after she was injured in a crash near the Nevada border in the Mojave Desert four years ago. She was a passenger on a motorcycle that wrecked, which she said caused her to suffer numerous debilitating injuries to her neck and head. The woman claimed in court that the highway included a deep chasm and was partially collapsed, in addition to being uneven.

A spokesman for the county said that part of the road had been washed out in a heavy rainstorm a few days earlier. Repair crews were not able to place warning signs on the road or repair the shoulder before the crash occurred, he said. However, the county admitted no liability with the approval of the settlement. He also said that county crews continue to re-grade the shoulder during periodic maintenance. The settlement did not involve the other rider, but the county spokesman said a settlement was pending for his case as well.

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