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California worker injured when conveyor belt strikes him in head

Posted on November 13, 2013 in Workers' Compensation


Every day, Los Angelenos put their safety on the line just by going to work. Factory workers are at risk of being crushed by large machinery, construction workers are at risk of getting hit by cars and falling from heights and industrial workers may be at risk of occupational disease. A recent incident in California helps show how dangerous a workplace can be.

A worker in Sun Valley was injured when he was struck in the head by a conveyor belt. According to reports, the worker was cleaning a four-foot deep pit under the conveyor belt when he was hit. Firefighters and a rescue team were able to pull the man from the pit and the worker was taken to the hospital. Though there is no word yet as to the man’s condition, he may be facing a long, hard recovery that includes emotional, financial, and physical pain.

By sacrificing their own health, many would think workers like this man would not have to fight to be taken care of when they are injured on the job. While this is sometimes true, other times these injured workers receive a workers’ compensation claim denial. When this happens, the worker may be left without much needed income to pay his bills and to obtain the medical care he needs.

When this occurs, the injured worker should seek help from an experienced Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorney. An attorney will fight the denial and seek to prove the worker is entitled to benefits. To overturn the denial, an attorney may have to prove unsafe work environments and/or the workplace accident occurred while the injured individual was acting within his scope of employment.

A challenge, if successful, may bring the injured worker compensation. These recoveries may help pay for medical care, cover lost wages, and compensate for any future earning capacity that may have been lost. This way, the injured worker does not have to stress about how he is going to pay his bills and recover. Instead, he can focus on regaining his health, getting back to work, and moving on with his life. When a worker puts his life on the line for his employer, this is the least he can ask for, and an attorney can be a loud voice for the injured worker.

Source: Los Angeles Daily News, “Sun Valley worker in pit injured by conveyer belt,” Nov. 4, 2013