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California car accident kills three

Posted on December 4, 2014 in Car Accidents


In busy places around the country, such as most of Southern California, car accidents are common on roads and highways. When they happen, the drivers and passengers involved can consider themselves lucky if they suffer only minor injuries. In more serious car accidents, people can suffer debilitating injuries or be killed. Fortunately, anyone who has sustained a serious personal injury in a car accident may be entitled to financial compensation, if the accident resulted from another person’s negligence.

One recent car accident in Lancaster, California, may have involved such negligence. According to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies, a collision between a pickup truck and a Jeep killed three people and injured three others at the intersection of 25th Street West and Avenue K around 6:10 p.m.

The pickup was heading south on 25th when it hit the Jeep heading east on Avenue K. The Jeep overturned before striking a tree and utility pole and ejecting some of the five people in the vehicle. Three were pronounced dead at the scene. Two others were taken to a nearby hospital with undisclosed injuries. The driver of the pickup sustained only minor injuries. Sheriff’s deputies are still investigating the fatal car accident.

For any car accident involving injuring or death, the question of responsibility is one of the first questions asked. All motor vehicle accidents are governed by the law of negligence. Authorities thoroughly investigate to determine what caused a crash and then holds any driver whose negligence contributed to the crash responsible.

Car accident victims and their families have the right to seek compensation from responsible parties. They can file a personal injury or wrongful death claim, depending on the circumstances. Filing these claims can be daunting without legal assistance. Injured parties should consider seeking legal advice to deal with their cases.

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