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How to File a Car Accident Claim With Allstate

Posted on May 15, 2020 in Car Accidents

An auto accident is difficult for any victim to go through. The physical, emotional and financial tolls of a car accident can be overwhelming. Filing a car insurance claim as a victim can give you compensation for damages such as medical costs and property damages, allowing you to finally move forward from your wreck. If the insurance company receiving your claim is Allstate, learn a few tips for maximizing your results before you file.

Allstate Auto Claims

Instructions for Filing an Allstate Insurance Claim

The insurance company that will hear your car accident claim will be that of the at-fault party in California. This will be your insurance carrier if you caused the car accident, or the other driver’s insurer if he or she caused the accident. It may take an investigation to determine fault for your crash. If the other driver has Allstate, this is the company you will hold responsible for your damages. Unfortunately, Allstate’s goal will be to minimize your financial recovery. Allstate – and all other car insurance companies – want to save their investors money by limiting how much they pay claimants.

Take a few steps to ensure you have a valid Allstate insurance claim. First, remain at the scene of the car accident and collect evidence such as pictures of the crash and the other driver’s name and license plate number. This evidence will help support your insurance claim later. Then, go to the hospital right away for medical care. Immediate medical attention will show Allstate your car accident injuries were serious, and that you did your part to minimize your injuries. Keep copies of your medical documents and get your police report number to show the insurance company during your claim.

File your initial car accident report right away with Allstate – ideally within 24 hours of the crash – while the details are still fresh in your mind. To file your claim, call 1-800-ALL-STATE or file online through the insurance company’s website. Allstate also enables crash reporting through its mobile app. Explain that you were just in a car accident with one of its members and wish to file a claim. Call your insurance company as well to report the car accident. Write down your claim number to track your claim after you file.

How to Maximize the Value of Your Allstate Claim

Be careful when dealing with Allstate and other insurance companies during a car accident claim. They often try to get claimants to settle for lower amounts than their claims are worth. Allstate might undervalue your damages or try to deny your claim, even if it is valid. The insurer might also try to delay paying you by prolonging its investigation. These are bad faith tactics that could get in the way of a fair recovery. Take certain steps to help ensure a fair claims process, as well as to negotiate for maximum financial compensation for your damages.

  • Report the accident right away
  • Keep copies of your medical records
  • Provide ample documentation
  • Do not admit fault
  • Limit the details you give to an adjuster
  • Do not answer questions the agent does not ask
  • Do not give any opinions about the case
  • Do not sign any legal documents unless required by the police
  • Do not accept the first settlement offered
  • Do not agree to give a recorded statement
  • Hire a Los Angeles car accident lawyer to represent you

The other party’s insurance claims adjuster will not want what is best for you after an auto accident. A car accident lawyer can take over your Allstate insurance claim after a serious car crash in Southern California to protect your rights. Your lawyer will recognize bad faith insurance tactics used to reduce the value of your claim. A Los Angeles personal injury lawyer will know how to combat these tactics to maximize the recovery you receive for your damages.