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Airbag manufacturer begins ad campaign aimed at consumers

Posted on August 14, 2015 in Products Liability

The company responsible for manufacturing defective airbags that have led to eight deaths is launching an advertising campaign to encourage consumers to have the defective airbags fixed. The consumer outreach effort relates to exploding airbags that have led at least 11 car makers to recall approximately 32 million vehicles. The company’s current efforts are aimed regionally at areas that experience high levels of humidity, as a connection between humidity and the exploding airbags has been made.

The airbag recall is likely to become the largest automotive safety-related recall in U.S. history. The airbag problem took place over a decade without either the company or regulators identifying the underlying cause of the problem. Both the company and regulators continue to investigate the problem.

The outreach efforts are aimed at limiting injuries and fatalities attributed to the faulty airbags and to increasing recall completion rates. Consumers are encouraged to have the airbags repaired, however, neither the company or regulators are assuring customers that the repair will eliminate all risk associated with the airbags; regulators are urging consumers to complete the repair because the new airbags are safer. The company will advertise direct mail and digital advertising in its efforts to urge consumers to have the airbag repairs made.

Unfortunately, while consumers should be able to rely on the safety of everyday products they use, victims are sometimes injured or otherwise harmed by defective products. In an effort to keep consumers safe, the legal process provides options for victims which hold the manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of defective products liable for the harm a defective product, such as a defective car or defective auto part, causes.

Source: Automotive News, “Takata sets campaign to alert drivers on recall for airbag risk,” Jeff Plungis, Aug. 12, 2015