Comedian’s trucking accident brings attention to national problem

Tracy Morgan has filed a lawsuit connected to his truck accident. The suit could help encourage other trucking companies to move towards safer driving practices.

Tracy Morgan, of SNL and 30 Rock fame, is finding his name in national headlines for a reason other than his comedic genius. Instead, the star is bringing attention to the dangers of fatigued truck driving.

The change was spurred by an unfortunate event: a tragic truck accident. The accident occurred when the comedian and his entourage were returning to New York after completing a show in their "Turn it Funny" tour. A recent report in The Wall Street Journal outlined the details of the accident, noting the driver of the truck was allegedly fatigued at the time of the accident and may have nodded off. His vehicle was estimated to be traveling 65 mph in a 45 mph construction zone at the time of the crash. Traffic slowed, but the truck did not. The truck was unable to stop in time and rear-ended Mr. Morgan's limo. Three passengers were injured in the accident and a fellow comedian and friend James McNair, also known as Jimmy Mack, died as a result of injuries sustained in the crash.

How Tracy Morgan's fight to hold those responsible for the crash could help you

The driver of the truck was operating the vehicle for Wal-Mart. Tracy Morgan filed suit against the retail mega-giant in U.S. District Court in New Jersey, where the accident occurred. The suit alleges that the truck's collision-avoidance system was not functioning properly. As a result, the mechanism which should have automatically slowed the vehicle failed to function. This failure, Morgan's suit alleges, shows Wal-Mart acted with "reckless indifference to the safety of its drivers and, and of other drivers and passengers" on the nation's roadways.

The suit also alleges that the company may have been in violation of federal regulations. Various federal regulations are present to help reduce the risk of truck drivers operating their vehicles while fatigued. In this instance, the suit alleges that there was an hours of service violation since the driver commuted 700 miles to Delaware from his home in Georgia.

The suit could help other carriers to take the regulations seriously and avoid encouraging drivers to focus on miles instead of operating their vehicles safely.

Legal counsel can help victims

Hours of service are part of a federal regulation by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that limits the amount of time a driver can operate a commercial vehicle. Violation of this regulation can lead to fines, but can also serve as evidence of reckless or negligent driving if there is an accident.

This is just one way a victim of a truck accident can establish a claim. Those who are injured in this type of crash are wise to seek the counsel of an experienced truck accident attorney. This legal professional will review your case and help to better ensure you receive the compensation you deserve to help cover expenses like medical bills, rehabilitation and other costs connected to the accident.

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