Cold Remedy Damage Sense Of Smell

Over The Counter Popular Cold Remedy Could Damage or Destroy Sense of Smell

The Federal Drug Administration has issued a warning to consumers to stop using a popular cold remedy because it could damage or destroy the sense of smell. The product is ZICAM. The products involved include Zicam Cold Remedy and Zicam Cold Remedy Swabs. It is believed, but not yet confirmed that it is the Zinc in the product that could be toxic to nerve receptors in the nose.

The manufacturer of the Zicam products has received more than 800 reports from consumers indicating that they have lost their sense of smell. These reports date back to 1999. The manufacturer failed to provide these reports to the Federal Drug Administration.

In 2006, the manufacturer of Zicam paid $12,000,000 to settle 340 lawsuits from Zicam users who claim that the product destroyed their sense of smell. Hundreds more have filed suits since that time.

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