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Woman sues snow groomer manufacturer for causing crash

Posted on April 5, 2013 in Products Liability

Recently, a woman from Santa Clarita, California, filed a lawsuit against a ski resort and against the manufacturer of a snow groomer that she crashed into, alleging that their combined negligence caused the crash. The lawsuit alleges that the woman collided into a snow groomer while snowboarding due to the fact that the snow groomer did not have a turn signal or an automatic shutoff device, and thus, the snow groomer was an unsafe product.

The 2011 accident occurred when the snow groomer allegedly turned in front of the woman while she was snowboarding, causing her to become entangled in the machine’s tiller apparatus. The driver was allegedly en route to help another resort employee with a disabled snowmobile at the time of the accident. The woman had to have one leg amputated above the knee, and the other leg sustained a fractured femur and tibia. The woman also sustained brain damage and will allegedly require lifetime care.

This case highlights the impact that an accident due to a negligently-designed machine can have on a victim. The woman in this particular case will require lifetime care due to the injuries she sustained, and had to have one of her legs partially amputated. Injuries of this type have a severe negative impact on the victim’s quality of life. Accidents due to a defectively-designed machine can have a terrible impact on a victim.

Products liability cases involve accidents caused by a design or manufacturing defect in the product sold. A manufacturer or wholesaler is liable under the doctrine of products liability for all the damages caused by defects that were in the product when it left his or her control. If a product is damaged afterwards, the manufacturer or retailer is not liable for any damages caused.

Because of the terrible consequences that defective or unsafe products can have for consumers, the law often provides remedies in the form of monetary compensation from the defendants for anyone injured due to these products. Anyone injured by a defective or unsafe product is entitled to just and fair compensation.

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